Arcum Dagsson is completely overpowered! What you want to do is first search for Darksteel Forge and Mycosynth Lattice if you need protection. Then search for Basalt Monolith (or Grim Monolith) and Rings of Brighthearth for infinite mana (if you have Mycrosynth Lattice that's infinite blue mana). Then search for Planar Portal (or Planar Bridge) with that out, then you can search for whatever you want. The best thing to do though is to search for Jester's Cap, Filigree Sages, and Academy Ruins (and Mycosynth Lattice if you don't have it out yet) to exile their entire deck. (You can search for counterspells in case of counters. Finally, if you want to be extra cruel, you can search for Memnarch, and then take ALL their stuff as well. (Just to be kind, after that instead of winning by exiling their entire deck, just use Mindslaver to take over every one of their turns for the rest of the game, so they really can do nothing.)


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