Who lives in a cabin on the skyship? Squee-Gob-Na-bob! Porous and Red and useless is he Squee-Gob-Na-bob! If goblin jank be something you wish! Squee-Gob-Na-bob! Then Nahiri's Wrath for 23, cast reverberate, any response?


The primary win condition in this deck is Nahiri's Wrath which will be used to discard ~20 cmc worth of cards and copy the spell.

Other potential win conditions are Psychosis Crawler and Glint-Horn Buccaneer. If there are any other similar effects to these please tell me as my standard research of the topic could only make it so far.

The deck functions of very few primary cards due to how fast it can cycle through the cards it already has, thus the 23 lands. There are 10+ wheels and "draw" spells in the deck that cycle through your cards as fast as possible as well as some other goodies that let you do something useful with cards that would otherwise be discarded.

You will be playing big spells that increase your per turn draws (and very often your opponents so be mindful). This will allow you not only to draw a new hand of cards each turn but with the suite of recursive spells you can generate value off of this as well.

Squee himself could easily be replaced by literally any other general and probably be better, he is here because he is cool and fits the theme of the deck.

The big issue with the deck so far is its lack of speed and lack of reliable win conditions. If wanted you could put some large threats in the deck based on your playgroup like Krenko, Mob Boss or Insurrection which are some of red's greatest single card threats. You could also try speeding up the deck by running moxes if you have extra or can swap them over from another deck. I would advise against moxes as they make it look like you know what your doing and the goal of this deck is to look like you're playing group hug until you hug them so tight that they die.

Cards being considered: Flaring Pain


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