Anyway decks straightforward play pingers ping everyone to death Donezo, some of you may notice that most pingers are in fact NOT wizards which is an issue solved by Arcane Adaptation and Conspiracy simply name Wizards and suddenly your doubleing your pingers which feels so nice to pull off c:

Theres also some other cards to help like Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage whos normally not very good but he's a "Permanent" way to untap all our dudes, alongside him is Clone Legion to copy our board for EVEN MORE PINGERS (or you know copy someone elses board like a lameo..)

Finnally Sundial of the Infinite lets you keep all your copies which is a nice little bonus on this stupid salad

Anyway enjoy and watch your friends faces contort in confusion as too why your doing this too yourself and all of them.


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