I decided that I wanted to build a Commander deck based around Lands. This deck began life with Molimo, Maro Sorceror as general, but realized that Borborygmos Enraged gives me a pretty useful outlet for extra lands, in addition to opening the door for some cool graveyard recursion.

One thing you'll notice about this deck is some of the cards that aren't included. In general, I tried to avoid cards whose only purpose was to dig up more land, focusing instead on cards with additional effects, mostly because there are few topdecks more disappointing than Rampant Growth.

One thing that I like about this deck is that, mostly owing to the number of lands it runs, it's pretty cheap. A foil copy of my General set me back a whole three dollars, and only three cards were more than five bucks each (Oracle of Mul Daya, Scapeshift, and Stomping Ground, the last of which you can cut).

You have some cards that make you just win. Scapeshift with at least seven lands in play to make a big boom with Valakut and turbocharge any of your Landfall guys. Attach Keen Sense or Snake Umbra to Borborygmost and just start pitching lands at enemy faces (remember, they trigger on any damage the enchanted creature deals to a player, not just combat damage). Primeval Bounty will quickly get away from opponents if not dealt with immediately. When Liege of the Tangle hits, you'll suddenly grow an entire army of 8/8s. Creeping Renaissance and Praetor's Counsel often mean you're ready to crush everything immediately after resolution.

In effect, play lands, smash face.


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