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Kentaro, The smiling troll. Mono W Infinite combo

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Sometimes you wanna play a deck which creates great games for everyone. In which everyone develops their board until everybody's giant armies are clashing against each other in a giant battle royal.

This is not one of those decks.

This is a deck that has one goal. And one goal only.


Every single card either is a combo piece, A tutor to find a combo piece, or something to protect yourself or your combo piece's until you can combo off. This is not a deck that your opponents will enjoy. This is a deck with a lot of different facets and probably a headache to play, adapting to your opponents answers and boards.

So rather then go through all the cards I'm just gonna list all the ways, (That I know of, This deck could combo off in ways I don't even know about) and how they work.

Sac outlets are a fair bulk of our combo's, so let's cover them first.

Ashnod's Altar is the most important. It Generates mana, sacs for free and allows you to sac without a target And backpedal if you get hated out.

Other outlets: Altar of Dementia,Blasting Station,Phyrexian Altar,Martyr's Cause and technically Miren, the Moaning Well.

Combo Time!

Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho+ Kentaro, the Smiling Cat +Puresteel Paladin+ Sac

Sac Kentaro to your outlet, Oathkeeper brings it back, Puresteel Equips for zero, repeat.

Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho+ Ashes of the Fallen +Puresteel Paladin+ Sac

Same as above except Oathkeeper checks on resolution of the ability. And at that point Paladin is in your graveyard and a samurai. So you can cut out the middle man and just Use Paladin as your creature.

Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho+ Ashes of the Fallen +Ashnod's Altar+ CreatureAshes work with any creature. But you need mana to re-equip the Oathkeeper. So you need the mana from Altar to keep the combo going.

Stuffy Doll+ Guilty Conscience

This ones funny. Damage dealt by Doll is dealt back to the doll so you can kill one player out of nowhere. You can't kill multiple people unless you can bounce the stuffy doll.

Enduring Renewal +Ornithopter+Sac

Self explanatory. Try to play the renewal last as you can't draw the Ornithopter when the renewal's around.

Enduring Renewal +Soul's Attendant+Phyrexian Altar

Same as above.

Reveillark+Karmic Guide+Sac

Ah the old classic. This one is especially interesting as you can put a third creature into the loop. Like Solemn Simulacrum for infinite lands and cards or Stoneforge Mystic to assemble another infinite combo. Also can be done at instant speed.

Cloudgoat Ranger+Eldrazi Displacer+Ashnod's Altar

Sac two Kithkin to the altar, use the mana to blink the ranger and repeat. This one doesn't need a win con as you already get infinite kithkin.

And then we actually need a piece to win the game. Soul's Attendant and Suture Priest give you infinite life. But sometimes that isn't enough so we can also create infinite creatures. Field of Souls works with all our death triggers. And Mirror Entity can make giant creatures or Akroma's Memorial can kill in one combat.

But even that can't be enough, sometimes we have to win in one turn, in one shot.

Altar of the Brood kills without using the outlet slot. Alar of Dementia and Blasting Station are outlet/Kills in one. If the creature you Sacing is a Archon of Justice , you can exile everybody's permanents which is probably good enough. Or a Solemn Simulacrum let's you draw your whole deck.

but wait, there's more! Most combo's will make infinite mana so a Staff of Domination will also draw your whole deck. Mirror Entity will make a million/million's. And if you have infinite mana, you can probably play Sensei's Divining Top Infinite times. Or Tutor for another infinite combo or.............................

The author died of value

This is one of the best and one of my favorite decks I've built in this little challenge. My only misgiving is that this isn't entirely a Kentaro, the Smiling Cat deck. With the exception of being a Samurai for Oathkeeper He doesn't really do much. But this deck is so much fun and has so many different ways to win,, I would recommend building it. Even if this deck gets stale, there's so many other cards and combos to put in. Midnight Guard just screams combo. There's just so much evil delicious fun hiding in one set of cards!

Thanks for everyone that posted on the forum for this but specifically to RazortoothMtg dlamars and legendofa for coming up with a bulk of the combo's

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