RazortoothMtg Deckling

Umbra Stalker Art


Guild: The Simic Combine

Shard: Esper

Clan: The Sultai

Set: Future Sight

Card: Living Death

Card Type: Artifacts

Commander: Tasigur, the Golden Fang

Character: Ertai

Planeswalker (Character): Venser, the Sojourner

Planeswalker (Card): Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

Artist: Daarken

MTG Novel: Ravnica: City of Guilds/Guildpact (still can't find a copy of Dissension anywhere)


MS Quote: Show

Card: Acidic Slime

Set: Magic 2013

Rare/Foil: Krenko, Mob Bossfoil icon Intro Pack

Rare (Booster Pack): Rhox Faithmender

Mythic/Planeswalker/Flip Card: Garruk Relentless  Flip/Garruk, the Veil-Cursed

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Said on So what sealed ......


Ya, pretty much what LittleBlueHero said, although there are archetypes across all ten color pairs. I think the draft uncommons are

: Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage for historic

: Slimefoot, the Stowaway for sacrifice/saprolings

: Shanna, Sisay’s Legacy for go wide and tall at the same time

: Tatyova, Benthic Druid for lands matters. although lands matter doesn't have much support for that as a theme, so probably more of a ramp archetype

: Arvad the Cursed? Maybe it's legends matter here, as well as go wide. I think WB has more uncommon legends than the other colors

The other color pairs have some stuff too.

: Adeliz, the Cinder Wind and Wizards as a whole is a pretty clear archetype here.

: Hallar, the Firefletcher. Kicker theme seems pretty fun, and there are other support cards like Bloodstone Goblin

: Garna, the Bloodflame I guess? Not sure what the archetype for this is, maybe it's meant for the GB aristocrats deck if you want to go Jund?

: Rona, Disciple of Gix is... historic I guess? I think this too is for if you're playing UW Historic and want to go Esper

: Tiana, Ship's Caretaker is Equipment and auras. A good amount of support between this, Valduk, Keeper of the Flame, Champion of the Flame, Danitha Capashen, Paragon, etc. Also Orcish Vandal seems pretty good with Tiana

Also, are there any good combos for draft? Tiana, Ship's Caretaker with an equipment and Orcish Vandal seems like a good combo. Anything else?

April 19, 2018 3:04 p.m.

Said on Ways to protect ......


On the same note as Palisade Giant, Beacon of Destiny, General's Regalia, Oracle's Attendants, Pariah, Pariah's Shield, and Empyrial Archangel. Regalia and the Pariahs are great with indestructible creatures, so maybe have an indestructible commander

Also, Delaying Shield seems really good here with a lich on the battlefield. They only trigger when you are dealt damage, not when you lose life, so you can't be killed through their triggers.

April 12, 2018 2:03 p.m.

Said on Best Colors for ......


Don't forget about all the new voltron legeds in Dominaria!

Spoiler block in case you don't want to see spoilers for DOM Show

April 9, 2018 3:08 p.m.

Voice of Grixis

Legendary Creature - Zombie Wizard


Enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it

Remove X +1/+1 counter from ~: Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield, except it has base power and toughness 0/0. Put X +1/+1 counters on it and it gains haste. Exile it if it would leave the battlefield or at the beginning of the next end step. X can't be 0.

Creatures you control with +1/+1 counters on them have menace

Extend this cycle to the 3-color wedges (the KTK clans), but make sure to keep in theme with the one of each color and X, 0/0, gets counters, etc, voice of ____

April 7, 2018 4:05 p.m.

DrukenReaps: Ya, I wasn't planning on full on Saga tribal in the way I would build Goblin tribal or something. More like all the sagas, ways to abuse them, then generic goodstuff to back it up (especially ones that synergize with Sagas or historic cards).

April 3, 2018 6:39 p.m.

So since sagas were revealed, I've decided that I want to build an EDH deck based around them, and after Raff was spoiled I definitely need to do this.

The question is, what commander?

So we definitely want Raff Capashen in the deck, because Flash seems very powerful with these (not that I can't also have Vedalken Orrery, and we also definitely want Jhoira to draw off all the sagas, as well as a few other cards like Mesa Enchantress, Inexorable Tide, Starfield of Nyx, etc. Then in we have Eidolon of Blossoms, Herald of the Pantheon, Argothian Enchantress, and recursion effects to get back our sagas after III happens. Then in black we get things like Zur the Enchanter, Cabal Paladin, and some of the stronger Sagas like The Eldest Reborn, and also cards like Hex Parasite and Thrull Parasite to move around counters.

tl;dr: There are Saga support cards, as well as Sagas, in all 5 colors. Is it best to go 5-color, or are payoffs in some colors too weak? Also, which commander in those colors might synergize with sagas, or should I go for a generic goodstuff commander in those colors?


April 2, 2018 10:09 p.m.

The Legend of Confusing Pointless Chaos

Legendary enchantment saga

I - Until your next turn, whenever a player would draw a card, instead that player exiles the top card of another player's library. That player may play that card for as long as it remains exiled and using mana as though it were any color of mana

II - Scrambleverse

III - Warp World, then Scrambleverse. Then, each player chooses an opponent at random and exiles the top 5 cards of that players library. Those players may play the cards they exiled for as long as they remain exiled and using mana as though it were any color of mana

Another complicated Chaos saga

April 2, 2018 9:46 p.m.

I pretty much agree with all that you said there Argy

My problem with Meld, however, is simply that there are only 3 pairs of Meld creatures i all of magic. Obviously melding two together is super cool and powerful, but I just saw it so rarely I forgot it existed until I put Hanweir Battlements into my Etali, Primal Storm EDH deck and decided to put in Hanweir Garrison just because, but after a significant amount of EDH games with the deck, I still have never melded the two (and this includes the significant amount of digging through the deck I do). The only time I've seen any creatures melded in an actual game was at the EMN Prerelease- few Midnight Scavengers/Graf Rats, and a friend who pulled a prerelease Gisela, the Broken Blade and a foil Bruna, the Fading Light and managed to meld them in the last game of the finals (obviously winning the game).

Another keyword I would very much like to complain about is Ascend. Not really because it went unused or was underpowered, but because I just hate things in Magic I have no way of interacting with, such as emblems and the city's blessing. Or maybe I'm just salty about losing too many limited games to Slippery Scoundrel. Who Knows.

And about Theros block, I personally really liked Bestow even though I rarely played with it (because topdecking Invisible Stalker turn 10 feels horrible, but topdecking Flitterstep Eidolon turn 10 feels great). However, Tribute from Theros block feels like a huge failure. Just the fact that giving your opponents choices with any card other than Fact or Fiction is just generally bad- if the option they give you is still a good play, you're already far far ahead.

April 1, 2018 9:57 p.m.


Echoes in the Dungeon

Commander / EDH RazortoothMtg


Tasigur's Villainous Wealth

Commander / EDH RazortoothMtg

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