Grand Council of Taxes, Stacks and Stasis :AKA: Magic, the Gathering: Hard Mode

We all know stacks. We all know Stasis . Being from New York, we know the shivery chill of the Winter Orb and high tax rates ( Land Tax ).

So how do you win? Well, the idea isn't really for you to win, it's for your opponents to lose. The main way for them to lose is watching them lose all hope and quit, because they're sore asses. (If they need more than two Mana a turn to play they're probably being greedy anyway.) Otherwise I'll play a Mechanized Production , Approach of the Second Sun or Azor's Elocutors for the win cons. ("But Timmy those are too slow!" Yeah, that's the idea).

Stasis lock: Stasis + Isochron Scepter + Boomerang . This lets you bounce Stasis so only your stuff untaps. This works similarly with Static Orb and Winter Orb for controlling untaps.


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