Make a ton of goblins, then swing out!


  1. Krenko, Mob Boss + Purphoros, God of the Forge or Impact Tremors + Krenko, Mob Boss or Krenko, Mob Boss + Warstorm Surge - Easiest win con in the deck. Flood the board with creatures and decimate your opponents. Purphoros, et al pairs well with most of the cards in the deck.
  2. Krenko, Mob Boss + Skirk Prospector + Sword of the Paruns - As long as you have at lease 4 goblins in play for Krenko to make tokens from, you can sack 3 of the tokens to Prospector for the mana to untap Krenko with Paruns. Rinse and repeat until you have infinite goblins. You can also use Ashnod's Altar instead of Prospector.
  3. Krenko, Mob Boss + Skirk Prospector + Thornbite Staff - Equip the staff onto Krenko and then make some tokens. Sac one of the tokens to Prospector in order to untap Krenko and repeat. This will generate infinite mana and goblins. Ashnod's Altar can be used instead of Prospector.
  4. Breath of Fury + Goblin Tunneler + Krenko, Mob Boss - Make tokens with Krenko and then attach Breath to a goblin and make it unblockable with Tunneler. Have the enchanted goblin damage an opponent to untap everything and take another combat phase. Repeat until you win. Additionally, you could use Goblin Diplomats before your turn starts to tap down all of an opponents creatures and open up a path for the enchanted goblin. Blood Moon + Goblin King will also make your enchanted goblin unblockable.
  5. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Zealous Conscripts - Copy Conscripts with Kiki and then take control of Kiki and untap him when the copied Conscripts enters the battlefield. Repeat for an infinite number of Conscripts to attack with.
  6. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Lightning Crafter + Skirk Prospector - Play Crafter and champion a goblin other than Kiki. Copy Crafter with Kiki, and when the copy comes in champion Kiki. The copy will have haste, so you can tap it to do 3 damage. Then sac the copy to Prospector, which will bring Kiki back in untapped with haste. Repeat until victory. Ashnod's Altar can be used in place of Prospector.
  7. Basilisk Collar + Goblin Sharpshooter - Board wipe on a stick! Equip the collar to Sharpshooter to give it death touch, and then proceed to destroy all of your opponents' creatures.
  8. Blood Moon + Goblin King - All goblins are unblockable!


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