Spell Triggers

  1. Electrostatic Field , Firebrand Archer , Guttersnipe & Thermo-Alchemist ping each opponent for 1-2 damage with each instant or sorcery cast.
  2. There are lots of heroic and prowess triggers: Akroan Conscriptor , Fabled Hero , Phalanx Leader and more all offer beneficial effects and should almost always be be your preferred targets.
  3. Balefire Liege can seriously ramp up damage to opponents and/or gain a lot of life as you fire of a bunch of cheap spells each turn.

Blink Effects

  1. Acrobatic Maneuver & Cloudshift are useful for repeating beneficial ETB effects, such as Captain of the Watch .
  2. Long Road Home , & Otherworldly Journey will blink your creatures and have the added ability of protecting creatures from harmful effects (since the creatures don't return until end step). Eerie Interlude is particularly effective since it can hit all of your creatures.
  3. If you steal a creature with Akroan Conscriptor you can use Cloudshift to steal it permanently, since it brings it back under your control after the exile.

Generate Tokens

  1. Akroan Crusader , Monastery Mentor , Vanguard of Brimaz , & Young Pyromancer all have triggers that can generate tokens just by casting spells.
  2. Elspeth, Sun's Champion can pump out a lot of soldier tokens with her +1 ability.
  3. Bonus tip: Path to Exile your tokens to keep searching for lands!

Mana Ramp

  1. There's plenty of life gain opportunities as well as means to protect your life total from damage, so you can afford to be aggressive with Treasonous Ogre ; this card is especially valuable early on for setting up an advantageous board state.
  2. Turn the pain on your enemies and take advantage of Neheb, the Eternal for even more mana to carry your through your second main phase!

Card Draw

  1. Your going to hopefully be drawing cards and putting a lot of spells back into your hand each turn. You're going to need to be able to manage a large hand size. Spellbook , Libary of Leng, Reliquary Tower , & Thought Vessel will uncap your hand size.
  2. Accelerate , Acrobatic Maneuver , Crimson Wisps , Defiant Strike , Expedite , Heal , Panic , Psychotic Fury , Rile , & Shelter will all draw you a card and provide other benefits such as haste.
  3. Chaos Warp one of your tokens to put a permanent from your library onto the battlefield.


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