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Go wide, lots of removal/burn, hit your friends, GET THE BOIS.

Pauper EDH version of a Pauper Highlander deck. I haven't even made it more 'multiplayer playable', I've just added in obvious/staple cards that James seemed to have missed like Impact Tremors or Goblin Bushwhacker, Hordeling Outburst, etc. And then kind of just slapped ol' Sunhome Guildmage 'cause he's relativity cohesive and provides longterm value. If you're a weirdo and playing 1v1 PDH, some potential Generals might be sweeter to curve into, like Honored Crop-Captain or Akroan Hoplite.

Removing the commander means it's still functional as a Pauper-Lander deck (though you'd have 99 cards), but if you were playing PDH you could include typical mana-base niceties like Command Tower, Opal Palace, Path of Ancestry, and maybe add some higher cmc cards like the battle-crying Loxodon Partisan and his friendo Kuldotha Ringleader.

Feedback wanted, send me your suggestions! Try and keep suggestions better for 1v1 rather than multiplayer.


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