Path of Anger's Flame

Path of Anger's Flame

Instant — Arcane

Creatures you control get +2/+0 until end of turn.

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Set Rarity
Saviors of Kamigawa (SOK) Common

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal

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Path of Anger's Flame Discussion

mabakerbauer on pauper spirits

7 months ago

Thanks for the feedback Robster. The deck has gradually gone down from 4 Thief of Hope as I've been underwhelmed by the card in playtesting. One copy is enough to tutor for and gives me a wincon when I go infinite. I've found he is not that amazing to draw. I win in the late game against practically every deck, and the life gain is a bit slow. It's probably nice against delver and boros, but it seems useless otherwise.

When I was first making this deck it was more spirit tribal and I was considering all of those cards, but I've found that control is a better strategy, as I have infinite card advantage. As of now, the deck has only 16 spirits, and I end up sacrificing them a lot, and Petalmane Baku ends up eating kill spells. Distant Melody is incredible when it works, but so often I won't have many spirits. Brilliant Spectrum is safe as I will practically always have 4 different colors, and I can recur whatever I discard as I'm mostly just digging for a combo piece or interaction.

I think Shred Memory is better than Beckon Apparition as grave hate. Shred Memory can transmute or be transmuted for, and trading 1 for 4 is better than 1 for 1.

The spirit tokens are nice with Distant Melody, and Devouring Greed, but otherwise they might as well be any other token.

What you mention does seem like a really cool way to take the deck. Making a bunch of spirit tokens, using 2 or 3 Distant Melody and winning with one of the 2 or 3 copies of Devouring Greed. Triplicate Spirits could be super good with infinite grave recursion and costing essentially 0 mana. I didn't even think of that card while I was making this deck. Splash in a Mountain for Path of Anger's Flame and Gorilla Shaman. That would make Dizzy Spell worth including. I'll probably test that out eventually, but I feel this is better as it can win through loads of every form of interaction.

C4nidae on Gruul - Planebattle Kamigawa

2 years ago

Ga, as seguintes cartas eu aconselho a tirar: Akki Drillmaster - Voce nao tem bichao pra dar impeto; Akki Raider - Voce nao destroi lands;Akki Underling - Seu deck e rapido, nunca vai ter sete ou mais cartas na mao; Orochi Sustainer e Sakura-Tribe Scout - Voce nao precisa gerar muita mana num deck rapido; Soratami Cloud Chariot - Muito caro, foge da estrategia e o efeito e meio bosta; Kumano's Blessing, Lifegift e Seed the Land - horrvel; Blinding Powder - Nao faz sentido com o deck (voce quer matar rapido, nao controlar);NO SIDE: Dense Canopy e Sunder from Within - perfeito, os outros 3 - horrivel;

Cartas que voce pode colocar: Akki Avalanchers - aggro, warrior e fortinho, apesar de suicida; Blood Rites - poderia ser bem util com tantas criaturas;First Volley - complemento de dano e arcana para unir;Soulblast - Pode ser... Glacial Ray - dano mais apelao do PB Kamigawa (une e e barato);Goblin Cohort - muito apelaozinho, funciona com bastante criaturas;Honden of Infinite Rage e Honden of Life's Web - olhas os combinhos com um monte de criaturinhas e dano;Kashi-Tribe Elite - Protege suas cobras lendarias e ainda e um guerreiro cobra fortinho, cheio de fuleragem;Kodama's Might - Pump verde indispensavel, une em arcana ainda;Lure - Kill condition facil com tantas criaturas;Oni of Wild Places - Poderia ser um bichao pro deck;Path of Anger's Flame - Olha esse pump geral, arcano...como que tu nao coloca isso num aggro vermelho?Patron of the Akki - Patronos sao muito apeloes: este aqui e perfeito pro seu deck;Sakura-Tribe Elder - Esse cara pode atacar, bloquear e ainda pegar um land em resposta: apelaozissimo;Serpent Skin - Regenerar pode ser muito util num deck aggro; Stampeding Serow - Barato, forte, alem de voltar cobras pra mao pra combar com as Sosuke's Summons;No-Dachi - Gosto muito desta kataninha...Manriki-Gusari - Pode ser MAIN, pode ser SIDE, para aggro e muito bom;Shuko - Pumpinho rapidao;TERRENO DUPLO Pinecrest Ridge: se tem, por que nao usar? Eu usaria.

Agora voce pensa e acerta ai... faca suas escolhas, ajeite a curva pelos graficos e try again. Olhe de novo no Gatherer se achar necessario. Veja o custo total das cartas. Da pra deixar ele bem legal.

pyroblade5 on Buzz buzz , the locusts are coming

3 years ago

Mmmm didn't see that interaction I agree I wouldn't take out architect. Also along the lines of Path of Anger's Flame I have had a lot of good luck with Rites of Initiation

JKRice on Buzz buzz , the locusts are coming

3 years ago

You should definitely add in something like Path of Anger's Flame into the deck. I used it in my deck and it works extremely well. That, in combo with Throne of the God-Pharaoh, Hellrider, and Dictate of the Twin Gods let me swing for 336 damage with only 13 insects. Also, I would reccomend Mindwrack Liege. It is very useful in ramping up damage, and it helps you play your commander quickly if it gets killed. My final suggestion would be to add in As Foretold. It is very useful and helps to ramp up board presence much faster than your opponents. Also, it has the added benefit of helping to freecast your commander if someone keeps exiling him.P.S. If you have room for one more infinite combo, Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, and Curiosity would be good.

Liscom on Minotaur Tinderbox ! Super Budget !

4 years ago

I would reduce the Fanatic of Mogis a bit. He is costs too much and while playing B/R his boom effect is not for sure to hurt. Instead I would maybe put Dragonrage or Path of Anger's Flame into the deck.

Gathering4Magic on red green convoke

4 years ago

sorry about that, I had forgotten to unclick the "private" button from when I was working on it. Link should work for you now.

I played three matches with it yesterday on Xmage. The first against green stompy, I went 2-0 and was able to out-stomp stompy as he was trying to get out lots of cheap shroud guys, but I was able to go wide and take him down.

Second match was against U/B control, and I went 0-2. I got him down a lot in both games, but he had enough counter and kill spells to win game two, and an early shrivel (all creatures get -1/-1 at instant speed) shut me down game two.

The third match was against a 4-5 color Fling-Atog deck. I took a huge 14-hit swing in game one, but was still able to win, and in game two I just swarmed over him for the win!

I must say, the deck is a BLAST to play! it comes out of the gate swinging, and I love how resilient the deck is with sprout swarm able to keep pumping out tokens when I have nothing else in hand! main tweaks I made were to put in 4 lightning bolts, add the essence warden to the main, and put the druid's deliverance in the side. still have plenty of testing to go, but I am really considering building this in paper to play in my local meta!

I'm considering removing some of the high-end creatures and adding some massive pump spells like Violent Outburst, Path of Anger's Flame, Rites of Initiation, Battle Frenzy, Banners Raised, and Savage Offensive as quicker finishers since it can pump out a lot of tokens. We'll have to see after more testing!

1empyrean on Zada, Large Hedron Collider

4 years ago

GroadyToady Thanks, especially the part about the dragons. I like that Blades of Velis Vel can let me play with any tribal mechanics I want, and I plan on playing around with many different non-goblin tribal cards in the future (Magma Sliver could be interesting for your voltron idea).

I have indeed thought of many different ways to use Zada. I actually have considered using Bludgeon Brawl and Spellbinder, and I don't see a reason you can't make a voltron theme work. The real difficulty is that Zada is very effective at a token strategy, and doesn't do much to directly help out a voltron style game plan.

For different ways to use Zada's ability, there are several and I use several, but here is a list of everything I can think of right now.

Stuff lots of people use, or I have explored in my deck:

  • Pretty much every Zada deck uses cantrips like Crimson Wisps to draw lots of cards.
  • Knowledge Pool and Possibility Storm let you get more out of each spell you cast while still getting the effect of the original spell if it triggers Zada. Her ability also gives you some resistance to counter spells for the same reason.
  • Chandra's Ignition or Arcbond and other similar spells can easily multiply into lethal levels of damage, and there are ways to survive doing this.
  • Going all in for arcane spells is pretty darn effective, and a really cool use of an old mechanic that I only have a little of in here. Splicing a targeted spell onto Path of Anger's Flame, which I am not using right now, provided huge damage potential.
  • There are ways to get lots of mana by using Zada's ability, like splicing a targeted spell with Desperate Ritual or Spawning Breath
  • Many people go for a Goblin Tribal type deck. Goblin commander is a goblin after all.

Stuff that I don't see much of, but could still be fun:

There are a TON of things I want to try outside of mono-red, which means I can't use Zada as my commander, but I have been working on a General Tazri list that can tutor for Zada and have access to every color, so I should be able to play around with a lot of cool things.