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Commander / EDH* Competitive Enchantment Ramp RGW (Naya) Voltron



Lately, I've been experimenting with several other EDH decks, just to get a feel of them to see if they're something I would want to invest money into, without much success. After much deliberating, I decided that I would make a voltron deck around Uril, the Miststalker as a follow up to my ...And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note deck.

The objective of this deck is to use ramp to get Uril, the Miststalker out as fast as possible, use tutors to find (mostly) cheap auras, slap said auras onto Uril, then go nuts on my opponent. Aside from the ramp and tutor package, I've also included cards that assist with card draw, and removal spells to get rid of pesky spells my opponents may toss my way.

I am looking to make this deck as competitive as possible without breaking a $500 budget. As such, I am open to any and all suggestions someone may want to make to help me accomplish this. If you suggest a card, please also suggest what to replace it with, and as always +1 if you like. Thanks!

Spirit Mantle
Asha's Favor
Bear Umbra
Daybreak Coronet
Dust Corona
Eldrazi Conscription
Ethereal Armor
Favorable Destiny
Gaea's Embrace
Keen Sense
Madcap Skills
Runes of the Deus
Scourge of the Nobilis
Serra's Embrace
Shield of the Oversoul
Snake Umbra
Treetop Bracers
Unflinching Courage
Ancestral Mask
Unquestioned Authority
One with Nature

Keen Sense- Mesa Enchantress- Mind's Eye- Sensei's Divining Top- Snake Umbra- Sylvan Library- Verduran Enchantress
Boros Signet- Chromatic Lantern- Cultivate- Gruul Signet- Kodama's Reach- Mirari's Wake- One with Nature - Sakura-Tribe Elder- Selesnya Signet- Sol Ring- Yavimaya Elder
Aura of Silence- Aura Shards- Austere Command- Beast Within- Hull Breach - Oblation - Path to Exile- Primal Command- Swords to Plowshares- Winds of Rath
Academy Rector- Enlightened Tutor- Idyllic Tutor- Primal Command- Sterling Grove- Three Dreams- Worldly Tutor


This deck was made to be a followup to my ...And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note deck. Currently, I am stuck debating between this and Meat's Meat, and a Man's Gotta Eat! as the deck I want to invest in next. Feel free to check that one out, too.


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