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Ramos, Contraption Engine: Buff That Magic Dragon

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Ramos, Contraption Engine. Sounds awesome to me. Who cares how mediocre most of the assembling cards are to cast?? Its just so fun to play Magic with a contraption deck, that I morphed this Ramos, Dragon Engine +1/+1 counter deck into a contraption assembling, artifact centric deck too. Turns out it's a pretty good combination. Ramos is a crazy mana producer and powerful voltron commander all in one. Add in the free value from contraptions and it starts to get super duper fun. The overlap of contraptions, myr and Ramos all being artifacts became a small subtheme also. There are actually lots of overlapping cards between the different themes (+1/+1 counters, artifacts, tokens, and gold cards), and the deck plays out much better than it looks.

About "Un-Commander"

I have had a blast playing with Unstable in limited and constructed. I bought a bunch of Unstable packs to play limited with when it released. It feels like a waste of potential fun to open packs of Unstable and not at least do a small sealed deck vs someone...or better yet a draft vs 7 people!

I think it's cool that silver-bordered cards had a small window of official EDH legality, but I plan to keep silver bordered cards in a couple of my decks from now on. Most of the cards in the unsets would be perfectly fine printed in normal black bordered Magic, they're just weird....and I like weird. So this is deck going to remain a mix of black and silver bordered cards.

Contraption Combos

There are occasionally cards I want to acquire in the maybe board. Any ideas are welcome :)

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