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Ramos, Contraption Engine - Unstable Here We Go!!

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Ramos, Contraption Engine. Sounds awesome to me. Who cares how bad most of the assembling cards are?? Its just so fun to play Magic with a contraption deck, that I morphed this Ramos, Dragon Engine +1/+1 counter deck into a contraption assembling deck too. Currently the main synergy between the two ideas is that the name of the deck concept sounded awesome to me :)

About "Un-Commander"

I have had a blast playing with Unstable in limited and constructed. I've bought a bunch of Unstable packs but haven't opened them all yet. It feels like a waste of potential fun to open packs of Unstable and not at least do a small sealed deck vs someone...or better yet a draft vs 7 people!

I think it's cool that silver-bordered cards get a small window of official legality, but I plan to play silver bordered cards in a few of my decks from now on. Most of the cards in the unsets would be perfectly fine printed in normal black bordered Magic, they're just weird. I like weird. So this is going to remain a mixed black and silver bordered deck after the "official" change back to no silver-bordered.

Contraption Combos

  • Paradox Haze lets you move the crank counter an extra time each turn!

  • I'm looking for more contraption synergy! Got any ideas??

There are a bunch of assembling cards and contraptions I know I still want to acquire if I don't open them in the maybe board. Any ideas are welcome :)

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