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Pauper Psychatog!!!

Pauper EDH*


Last Updated: March 2019

Budget Psychatog competitive deck.

This gnarly savage of a deck will give any upscale EDH player a run for their money. With an accelerated graveyard fill, and constant card draw, The Tog will pack a punch.

With a few exceptions, all spells have one of 3 functions.

1) Fill graveyard, or retrieve from it.

2) Card draw

3) Make The Tog more dangerous, primarily with making it unblockable.

Transmute will be a valuable asset to you, as you are constantly milling yourself. This is especially if you wish to pull off that juicy game ending combo. Now, we have a few Infect pumps here, but there are other cards to discuss.

Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker + Peregrine Drake

Look at it closely, and you will see the infinite mana combo. A fair number of our creature will mill as they enter the battlefield, so after generating enough mana, sub out the Drake and start blinking a mill creature, to get the graveyard ready for The Tog . Be sure to prepare to grab one of many means to mmake it unblockable, and go in with that gnarly slap.

Have fun!

Not familiar with Pauper EDH? Interested in learning more? Check us out at www.pdhhomebase.ca to get all of the information you need to stay on top of this growing niche format!


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