Hello, my name is Suns_Champion, and I'm addicted to Boros...

Feather is the newest Boros commander, and in my opinion, the best Boros commander yet. Welcome to "Bird Leaf," the #1 most upvoted Feather deck on Tapped/Out!

Key Themes and Card Choices:

1 Mana Instant Speed Cantrips: These are here for repeatable 1 mana draw to dig for important pieces and win-cons. I include 8 of the best to endure I have one in my opening hand. They also have the benefit of doing other important things that can come into play later, but they are mostly the draw backbone of the deck.

Balduvian Rage , Crimson Wisps , Defiant Strike , Expedite , Niveous Wisps , Panic , Heal , and Bandage .

Tokens Matter: I've decided to focus on tokens for a few reasons. One, it gives lots of fodder for hitting my own stuff to continue drawing with the cantrips. Two, they allow for some interesting interactions I will explain later. Three, they are cheap and easy to rebuild and protect. Four, the Zada effect. I have encluded tutors for the main token producers, buffs, and Zada cards.

Akroan Crusader , Monastery Mentor , Young Pyromancer , Zada, Hedron Grinder , Goblinslide , Vanguard of Brimaz , Recruiter of the Guard , Loyal Apprentice , Brimaz, King of Oreskos , Launch the Fleet , Strength of Arms , Imperial Recruiter , Anax and Cymede , Phalanx Leader , and Mirrorwing Dragon .

Other Draw: Other non-cantrip draw, mostly reliant on tokens.

Mentor of the Meek , Wheel of Fortune , Skullclamp , and Oblation .

The Sunforger: I speant a long time debating Sunforger. Generally I don't like playing value Sunforger and prefer to have a catch-all package that insures me the win. But This sort of value is more than usual with the high amount of good targets. The tutors can also get Skullclamp for my token theme.

Sunforger , Enlightened Tutor , Magnetic Theft , Open the Armory , and Steelshaper's Gift .

Removal and Wipes: Removal and board wipe package, some that are reusable with Feather, some that are combo-y in nature with tokens. Most are Sunforgeble.

Chandra's Ignition , Fell the Mighty , Wear / Tear , Soul's Fire , Path to Exile , Impact Resonance , Fall of the Hammer , Chaos Warp , and Swords to Plowshares .

Protection: Protection of me and my board, some reusable, some Sunforgeble. Some serve as alt-wincons.

Swiftfoot Boots , Veilstone Amulet , Grand Abolisher , Intimidation Bolt , Boros Charm , and Ajani's Presence

Other: A small blink package for my tutors that doubles as protection, some recursion, and my win-con: Fiery Gambit.

Dreadhorde Arcanist , Twinflame , Argivian Find , Eerie Interlude , Acrobatic Maneuver , Cloudshift , and Fiery Gambit .

Key Interactions

Coming Soon!


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