A couple months ago, (Yup, this just got dated) I was in the show Dracula, and to commemorate, I modified my vampire deck so that it was better and (a little by accident) fit the storyline a little better. You may see it here, if you wish Dracula's children of the night. To continue the tradition, I made a deck based on the show I just joined, Beauty and the Beast. This is an animated artifact deck, so that's what it is full of, artifacts and ways to bring them to life.

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other important points to the story include: The beast's castle Gargoyle Castle , the curse on the castle March of the Machines, other living household items like suits of armour Brawler's Plate Darksteel Plate Haunted Plate Mail Slayer's Plate , "forks" Fork Sharpened Pitchfork , and "knives" Quicksilver Dagger Silver-Inlaid Dagger , dinner Hot Soup, musical interludes Swan Song Torch Song Seething Song , Belle's books Spellbook Venser's Journal Jalum Tome , and the fair Maurice tried going to (before getting lost) Inventors' Fair

So that's my deck in a nutshell. There aren't too many combos in here, but I love Ugin's Nexus + Morbid Curiosity , Draw Five, Take an extra turn after this one. You could also just use Ugin's Nexus as a suicide charger, because if it's a creature, it is at least a 5/5, plus nobody wants to kill it.

Note: be careful when playing March of the Machines. It can instantly kill your Everflowing Chalice , Spellbook, and Etherium Cells.

Finally, don't forget that Tezzeret the Schemer's emblem, Ensoul Artifact , and Tezzeret's Touch all DON'T say NONCREATURE artifact, so you could target creatures like Creepy Doll or Ornithopter.


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