Hold the Gates

Hold the Gates


Creatures you control get +0/+1 for each Gate you control and have vigilance.
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Hold the Gates Discussion

Kaxlolimpico on Assault on the Gates

3 weeks ago

You deserve the +1 right of the bat just for brewing this, in my humble opinion i think you should stick with the three original colors, one Doran, the Siege Tower doesn't seem worth it when you already have so many Assault Formation in it. Regarding tokens maybe you could try Dragon Fodder or Raise the Alarm, i know they dont have flying which is of course a big deal but they are easier to cast. You could always try Spectral Procession or Triplicate Spirits if you want flyers.

The other problem i faced was not being able to get a Hold the Gates in my hand, only being able to stall with a lot of tokens before being eventualy overwhelmed, but maybe it was just bad luck on my end of the draw, just food for thought. Keep it up!!

Araganor on Assemble the Gatekeepers

3 weeks ago

Amulet of Vigor, Hold the Gates, Assault Formation, possibly Doran, the Siege Tower, and the many token producers of modern. This could be interesting...

Buckminsterfullerene on The Phalanx

5 months ago

sergiodelrio, I appreciate your timely response!

With regards to Colossus of Akros, I completely agree that he's overkill, but for me he gets a job done that no other one card can: finish the game even if the unthinkable happens. (read boardwipes, naturalize on Assault Formation, etc.)

I also understand your reservations with Skinshifter. I have the same doubts. I am not trying to sell you on him, here, but I think there's potential with his versatility. A 4/4 trampler or 2/2 flier (for those pesky deathtouchers) is a good way to get through for damage when the formation hasn't yet hit the board, and his ability to be a 0/8 means that once it does, he can hit hard.

As far as Hornet Nest is concerned, it's come in handy way more times than you'd think. It has a built-in reason to not block it, AND those 1/1 flying deathtouchers not only protect, but once Hold the Gates is out, they combo quite nicely with Assault Formation.

I do appreciate your feedback, though! I just want you to know my reasoning for the choices I've made.

Buckminsterfullerene on The Best Offense...

5 months ago

mdunham, thanks for the +1 and advice! I tried Banefire, but I think the sentinel fits better, since he is not only another body, but he adds another Defender to my tally for all mah dudes that look for defender. Also, Hold the Gates has been wrecking my competition in my local casual circles because of the 12 gates I run. I'm a little slow to start, but all of a sudden, all my guys are vigilant with +0/+5 and no one knows how to deal with that, especially with my Tree of Redemption. I'll think about mainboarding Axebane, but so far the Battlement has gotten me through some tough times and I just tap my gates for red and white, using the wall's green to fill in colorless for everything else. I need my dork at CMC2 so I can get out my Hornet Nest or Hold the Gates by T4 to phuck some shiz up. Thanks again for your suggestions, though.

mdunham on The Best Offense...

5 months ago

If you could get some draw, I think that could help a lot. Also I like Banefire over Vent Sentinel just because the amount of mana you can produce. You might want to go a different route than using gates. with 12 being used, it could slow you down. Plus it only really helps with Hold the Gates. I've really liked Axebane Guardian, especially with adding mana in any combination. Overall fun deck and +1

TheVectornaut on 2015-01-08 update of 20/20 Trample ...

7 months ago

I like the idea of using Stuffy Doll, Hornet Nest and similar things to benefit from your own creatures taking damage. You could even commit harder and run more stuff with the same ability. One I mentioned but didn't recommend earlier is Sprouting Phytohydra. There's also Druid's Call which is a worse Nest, Fungusaur is an evolvable mutant, Kami of the Honored Dead is a really strange lifegain option, Broodhatch Nantuko is another worse Nest, Outrider en-Kor is a versatile redirector, Protean Hydra is a unique bomb, Saber Ants blah blah blah, Wall of Hope is a cheaper lifegain option, Wall of Essence is a strictly worse version. Most of these are bizarre and aren't even in modern, but it's just something to think about. To supplement that strategy you definitely want fight cards like the Tracker or Hunt the Weak. You'd also want ways to give mass indestructability or just mass toughness increases. You already are considering Stalwart Shield-Bearers which I think could easily replace Perimeter Captain. There's also Builder's Blessing and Castle, Dictate of Heliod, Hold the Gates, and Rite of Passage which kills two birds with one stone.

TheRedMage on

8 months ago

This actually reminds a lot of a deck I was playing a couple rotations ago, where I would make my cadre of Deadly Recluse, Wasteland Viper and High Priest of Penance into an impenetrable wall by giving them a ridiculously high toughness with Hold the Gates.

The deck would take control of the board and eventually attack the opponent with 1/17 vigilant spirits from Lingering Souls or just ping them dead with Crackling Perimeter. I am still not sure what the win condition is here after you have mowed down their creatures though.

chaosjace on None

11 months ago

If you are tapping out to play all of your creatures i am not sure how much room you have for your instants, if you are playing creatures all the time, you cant really sit back on instants, they just become dead cards, I think 5 color decks usually devote a chunk of the deck to mana fixing, usually mainly green, so you would run green + whatever other colors to make sure you can cast your mana fixers, if you decided to take this out of standard you could add Stonehewer Giant and that would be kind of fun, or Elvish Piper . If you dont want to run Maze's End you could run the life gain lands from khans coming up, or Gatecreeper Vine can help you make sure you get the mana you need, Hold the Gates can help save your dudes from damage. just a thought if you dont want to change your mana base too much

Color(s) White
Cost 2W
Converted cost 3


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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