Hold the Gates

Hold the Gates


Creatures you control get +0/+1 for each Gate you control and have vigilance.

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Hold the Gates Discussion

TheRedMage on

1 week ago

This actually reminds a lot of a deck I was playing a couple rotations ago, where I would make my cadre of Deadly Recluse, Wasteland Viper and High Priest of Penance into an impenetrable wall by giving them a ridiculously high toughness with Hold the Gates.

The deck would take control of the board and eventually attack the opponent with 1/17 vigilant spirits from Lingering Souls or just ping them dead with Crackling Perimeter. I am still not sure what the win condition is here after you have mowed down their creatures though.

chaosjace on None

3 months ago

If you are tapping out to play all of your creatures i am not sure how much room you have for your instants, if you are playing creatures all the time, you cant really sit back on instants, they just become dead cards, I think 5 color decks usually devote a chunk of the deck to mana fixing, usually mainly green, so you would run green + whatever other colors to make sure you can cast your mana fixers, if you decided to take this out of standard you could add Stonehewer Giant and that would be kind of fun, or Elvish Piper . If you dont want to run Maze's End you could run the life gain lands from khans coming up, or Gatecreeper Vine can help you make sure you get the mana you need, Hold the Gates can help save your dudes from damage. just a thought if you dont want to change your mana base too much

drpeppercan on Doran's Fortress

4 months ago

30 land seems a little low even for such a low curve, might want to look into running around 35 to ensure you hit all your drops.

You will probably find that Bar the Door , Fortify , Tower Defense and Untamed Might will be lack luster as they are all one use cards, single use cards that don't outright kill something (or multiple things) aren't all that powerful in commander.

You're running Hold the Gates but not Selesnya Guildgate which is the third gate available in your colors. Command Tower is a must include in any multicolored edh deck.

You'll find that Blood Baron of Vizkopa won't be active very much as it's rare to meet the 10 or less life requirement for the extra power and toughness.

scopesightzx on Doran, the Constellation Tower

4 months ago

Hold the Gates and the three gates you could use are really strong with Doran

zachgriffindor on Boros Tokens (Please Help!)

5 months ago

roy1349, I'm not sure if I'll have enough money for Elspeth, Sun's Champion sadly, do you think I should swap both of her for 2 Hold the Gates ?

roy1349 on Boros Tokens (Please Help!)

5 months ago

Heres an idea: Run a couple copies of Hold the Gates , it gives your weenies some survivability and gives them vigilance as well.

FrostyJams on Super-Mega-Deadproof 5000!

6 months ago


Thanks for the comments, I have Mana Confluence mainly for the blue sideboard cards, not for color correction. I did pull Fog and I am testing without it, one of my biggest problems with the deck is the early damage I take when I am building up my Hexproof creature.

From some of the cards you recommended it seems like you think that I will have lots of creatures out and that is not usually the case. I just get one Hexproof guy down and build on him.

I never loved Hold the Gates but Vigilance is very important to this deck because when I attack with my one pumped up fatty, the back door is wide open for a counter attack to take away all the life I gained or more. When I have Vigilance my opponent has to decide if the attack is worth it because I will likely kill one of their creatures and potentially gain more life than they can inflict with their other attackers.

I did adjust the numbers of my lifegain cards to 4 to see if that will overcome the need for Fog , thanks again for the input, let me know what you think now.

Color(s) White
Cost 2W
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 12.61
Avg. cube pick 1.34


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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