Anchor to the Aether


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Uncommon

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Anchor to the Aether


Put target creature on top of its owner's library. Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Anchor to the Aether Discussion

TheFight on Help me with my solo-blue ...

2 months ago

Hey guys I want to build a deck, solo-blue, with the focus being getting Eldrazi Monument out. Any suggestions?

Also, some cards I want to put into it (but am totally up for better options) are Kraken Hatchling , Wind Zendikon , Encrust , Dispel, Anchor to the Aether .

Thanks ahead of time!

Pal00ka on revoking your library card

6 months ago

First, I think a deck headed by Geralf will have an extremely hard time milling an opponent out because he isn't meant for that type of deck, imo. Phenax, God of Deception is a better option to which you could bring a lot of your deck too but also take advantage of some great Dimir mill cards too.

Regardless, here's how I think you could improve this:

Anchor to the Aether, Time Ebb, Griptide, etc. allow you to snag an opponents' favorite creature (and not guess/hope a creature was actually on top of their deck) to which you immediately activate Geralf to "improve" them. Janky control but that's how I play, take from that what you will.

Is this 1v1 or multiplayer? I love Mind Sculpt but if this is multiplayer it will be subpar, sadly. What about Mesmeric Orb instead?

And blue is king of draw, so why play Dictate of Kruphix or Kami of the Crescent Moon? Please choose nearly anything else (Blue Sun's Zenith, Brainstorm, Ponder, etc.) that doesn't also give your opponent(s) an advantage too. You're already running a janky commander, no need to further disadvantage yourself.

It's also surprising you're running very few actual threats too. Why? Why not more guys like Scourge of Fleets, Tromokratis, or Inkwell Leviathan who will be fun "stitchings" or legitimate threats if hard-casted?

Geralf is a very atypical mono-blue commander, kudos for building him, but I think this can be improved. I'd be happy to check back to help with that process!

Daedalus19876 on Stitcher Geralf, Necromancer of the Moors

1 year ago

Flusterstorm is pretty bad in EDH except in the highest tiers, TBH. I have a copy and I'm struggling to find a deck for it.

Looking at your description, here are some things that might interest you: Anchor to the Aether, Chronostutter, Ether Well, Forced Retreat, Grasp of Phantoms, Griptide, Metamorphose, Repel, Spin into Myth, Submerge, Sweep Away, Temporal Eddy, Whisk Away. There are also a million Control Magic effects, though they usually center around 5 mana (Mind Control, Treachery, Spirit Away, Volition Reins, etc).

You might also want a Braids, Conjurer Adept in here. It should help you get some of those big fatties out of your hand.

Happy deckbuilding! :)

verynice47 on *Generic Izzet Pun Title*

1 year ago

I like Remand and Vapor Snag in this deck. Vapor Snag is just a better Anchor to the Aether, which could be playable if it weren't a sorcery. The next change I would make is swapping out some number of Mana Leak for Remand, as Remand adds a valuable cantrip into the mix. You might also want to just add in some Monastery Swiftspears for sheer value.


Inces_Velus on Stolen Grimoires

1 year ago

See personally I feel running this as a simic aggro deck would work and use the synnergy of Sweep Away, Griptide, and Anchor to the Aether. Imagine putting a goyf on top then attacking... instantly exiled

just food for thought I still think this card is good and can see modern play

control_is_the_new_black on Burn the Library

1 year ago

thank you ever so much for the clarification, really appreciate it Argeaux and Awenna.

would Skyline Cascade be worth replacing 2 copies of Jace, Unraveler of Secrets? Or some other cards.

Anchor to the Aether, Send to Sleep, Disperse and Just the Wind may be worth looking into.

kylothian on The Ultimate Land Decimator!

1 year ago

also more cards!!! I'm looking through cards to improve my discard deck. Hinder,Dimir Machinations (almost lando and can be interchanged for a trini sphere search or any othe high value 3 cost card) , Noxious Revival(I see it as very similar to shadow of doubt its bassically zero cost lando,oh and it could return a dead thragtusk or kiki or angel or any other creature or primal command or lando or or or or ) Dimir Charm, Jeskai Charm, Lurking Informant, Psychic Surgery(could be a bitch)

Anyways I highly suggest.

Dimir Machinations


Noxious Revival(must test absolutely tremendous potential)

Dimir Charm

Anchor to the Aether

GeekMomWife on Tap, Trap, Mill, Repeat

1 year ago

I cannot yet tell you what this deck plays like for me; I am new to MTG and I like to play combo decks that both control and have a bit of aggression. I built this one with some exceptions because I have many of the same cards. I replaced some cards and added a few that I felt might win the end game once the tapping, trapping, and milling had done their work.

I side-boarded Glacial Crasher for now; I only play with my husband and he does not run a red deck.

I did not have Ninja of the Deep Hours so I replaced it with 2X Breaching Hippocamp despite there not being Ninjitsu. I also did not have any comparable defender walls with 7 Toughness for such a low mana cost, so I added in three creatures: Glacial Stalker, Dirgur Nemesis (who happens to be a defender with some bite,) and Kraken of the Straits. These are high mana cost but I added Mage-Ring Network to build up additional mana, if it is required (and it very well might be.) I added Leviathan to basically try to end the game.

I had to find something to replace Counterspell because I do not have that card; I replaced it with Psychic Rebuttal which also has Spell Mastery so I can copy the countered spell. I added 2X Annul because my husband runs a White/Black Ally deck that has a lot of enchantment in it so I needed a way to counter his life-building strategy. I did not have Snap, High Tide, or Telling Time so I tried to build that up using Skyline Cascade for mana and then adding 2X Retraction Helix.

I have no Clutch of Currents. I decided instead to add 2X Fascination, 2X Void Snare, and added Anchor to the Aether (which also offers Scry 1.) Then I added Tome Scour because it is one of my favourites at 1 blue mana cost for just disrupting my husband's game plan. I love Sorcery and Enchantments. I had no Singing Bell Strike so I had to replace it out then add a few more of my own favourites. 2X Aqueous Form, 1X Sensory Deprivation, 1X Containment Membrane, 1X Monastery Siege, 1X Reduce in Stature, and 1X Pin to the Earth. My go-to blue favourites so far (but I have many more to learn.)

I am going to play this deck tonight and see how it feels. Blue is still tricky for me yet because I am a new player but I am excited to have used your construct and worked with it. Thank you!

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