Sweep Away


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Common

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Sweep Away


Return target creature to its owner's hand. If that creature is attacking, you may put it on top of its owner's library instead.

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Sweep Away Discussion

Pygmyrhino990 on The Rise of Zombies and Wizards!

2 days ago

Perhaps instead of Leave in the Dust you could use Disperse or Sweep Away, but otherwise this is a really good deck

Jwillette72 on Jace, Unraveler of Dynavolt Hulks

1 month ago

I'd probably think about removing the 2 Sweep Away because you have Disperse. If anything you could remove 2 of the Sweep and add 1 or 2 Disperse.

You might want to add in those 2 Torrential Gearhulk's from the sideboard into the mainboard as another win condition too!

sledge1048 on Mind Control

2 months ago

marcusacall I appreciate the feedback!! I can't really seem to get into modern personally. I think because it is out of my budget, and way to many sets to keep up with. I do really like Disallow, and Fatal Push. I think I would keep the void shatter though, just because the exile effect is so important in the standard meta. As for the Grasp of Darkness and Sweep Away they are both super awesome cards, and I am actually thinking about taking the Metallurgic Summonings out and putting in more kill and counter. There is nothing more fun than sweeping away an attacking Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and negating him on the way back down, after they've wasted a draw step.

AthestAbashi on

3 months ago

I'd through some low cost destroy monster instants such as Silverstrike or even removal spells Luke Sweep Away Negate is good and all even the Deny Existence but what will you do if they manage to get some beefy SOB's out. Need those spirits are fast and cheap but they can't stand up toward end game. That being said that flash/flying combined with those Stasis Snare can really screw with your opponents tempo I know

Humble2Him on Dark Summons

5 months ago

I am kinda skimming it, especially looking at the control players.

I am wondering if I can somehow play Esper still with arguments for Blessed Alliance, maybe just a splash for that and Shambling Vent, which synergizes, and add Aether hub which fixes the whole decks mana and is fed by Glimmer of Genius (giving more value to it, but possibly not tapping for the color you need). With this I would take out Sweep Away and likely not hurt the deck as a whole.

Still, I don't like the inconsistency of 3 colors, and Blessed Alliance brings me back to that sac mechanic that I don't like because it gives control to my opponent.

Purple_Mage on Dark Summons

5 months ago

I like it, extremely similar to the deck I ran last night. Although I have Thing in the Ice in the side.

I'm gonna question two choices, however you may have good reasons for including them that I miss.

Why Westvale Abbey  Flip? It seems the only way you're gonna be able to consistently get 5 creatures is by using the ability which means you're paying 5 life. Which I would have found difficult. I'd recommend Blighted Fen saved me yesterday against a boarded in Sphinx of the Final Word in the mirror. Also will overcome other hexproof creatures including Lumbering Falls.

Secondly why Sweep Away, personally I'd rather have more direct removal rather than bounce/pseudo-removal. It'd be good in some sort of tempo deck, but that's not the sort of deck you're playing. It buys you time, but an opponent is just going to replay the same creature next turn, and unless you can counter it (and only playing 5 counters) doesn't mean you will consistently be able to do so.

Finally YES YES YES to Liliana, the Last Hope I ran one yesterday as I sadly only have one and am not willing to spend $50 on a second. But she does extremely well in your deck. I also managed to protect her with my counters/her own ability and then ultimate her :D.

Looks sweet!! Keep it up!!

Zeox on KLD Blue Control / Mill

5 months ago

Thanks for the advice. I actually forgot about Vessel of Paramnesia, but that definitely helps delirium. As for Broken Concentration vs. Void Shatter it was just a matter of which one I had. If I see some copies of Void at my shop I'll pick them up and sub them out. I don't normally like bounce effects like Unsubstantiate it is strong in targeting everything and would be better in the control match up, but I'd rarely be casting it as a bounce spell, ideally Sweep Away turns into 3 mana removal for an attacking creature, since I will likely have a way to mill it on my turn before they can draw it again.

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