Select for Inspection


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Select for Inspection


Return target tapped creature to it's owner's hand. Scry 1.

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Select for Inspection Discussion

Argy on Bant Crush

1 week ago

OK this deck needs a lot of tweaks to get it to work.

These are some of the issues:

This deck has possibilities, that's for sure. It just needs to be more consistent.

Darth_Savage on Scry Deck

2 weeks ago

The interaction between Flamespeaker Adept and Aqueous Form is cool, but the Adept is easily removed. I'm not sure why you are using Dakra Mystic instead of Sigiled Starfish for a 1 drop I'd suggest Mystic Speculation, Serum Visions or Select for Inspection. I'd also recommend Condescend over Dissolve as it can be played earlier.

Spellbound Dragon is relatively cheap and seems like a better fit in your deck than Soul of Ravnica or Shipbreaker Kraken the Dragon can take advantage of your deck fixing. The new Enigma Drake might also fit, importantly it passes the Lightning Bolt test. You might also find a space for Cryptic Annelid since it has 3 scry triggers...

Maaagic on Warden of Evos Isle Flying

1 month ago

I have also made a deck utilizing Warden of Evos Isle, heres the decklist ---> Modern and Mostly Pauper Mono Blue Fish. I have found that Mulldrifter is insane. Also, either Vapor Snags or Select for Inspections are good replacements for Unsummon. But it depends on the situation. If you're opponent is declaring attackers, then Select for Inspection is pretty good. But if you need some extra damage and to use it at any time, then Vapor Snag. If you can have a few lands enter tapped, than Faerie Conclave is good. You're list is pretty interesting, and has a bit more depth than mine.

Snivy__ on Vampires on Amonkhet

1 month ago

Have you considered Select for Inspection? It is great in this deck for 3 reasons:

Removes enchantments/counters from the creature attacking

Brings the creature back to its owner's hand, getting more cards in hand and more likely to trigger Visions

Allows you to scry 1 for 1 mana, and your opponents will never see it coming!

jawz on Manic Mill

2 months ago

I tried it out a little. Very annoying deck to play against. Nicely done.

Two suggestions came to mind. One was to replace one or two islands for Warped Landscape, as more flexibility for enabling Delirium. I prefer that over Evolving Wilds because with your low land count you're under pressure to get mana immediately from every land you play.

The other was to replace one Select for Inspection for one Engulf the Shore, again for flexibility. Sometimes you just need to reset the whole board instead of just one threat.

The7thBobba on Grixis Improvise Control

2 months ago

Control/disruption:Disallow is amazing, and can foil just about any plan.

Wrangle: is super cheap, and incredibly fun.

Select for Inspection is good for tempo and sifting.

Harsh Scrutiny is great for early plan-twarting and sifting.

Daring Demolition: is a good killspell with no limitations.

Tidy Conclusion is another good all-purpose killer with nifty lifegain.

Shrewd Negotiation is evil beyond belief!

General good stuff:

Morbid Curiosity can prove invaluable. With those pricy improvise freatures and an abundance of artifacts, you ought to get some value out of this.

Efficient Construction: can give you an immense boardpressence.

Tezzeret the Schemer seems like an auto include ;)

Contraband Kingpin ought to do some yood.

Hope this is of any help. Do ask away if you want my oppinion on more specific matters. Stay frosty :D

kevinstan on Blue Red Deck - Needs ...

2 months ago

Please check my blue red deck I have listed. I am open to any feedback anyone can give. I want to update it to be more effective than what it currently is. Sometimes I draw good and can play good, and others it just doesn't seem to happen at all. I think my mana is off for the different colors as well. I am not very experienced in deck building but I do have access to a lot of cards from Kaladesh and Revolt, so any suggestions that can help I can make and keep testing the deck out. I would eventually like to add two Saheeli Rai to the deck, but at the price they are it will be another week or two. I am thinking about swapping a few cards that are currently in the deck and exchanging for some others like Harnessed Lightning and I would like to add some Built to Smash and maybe some Aethertorch Renegade - I was also considering Minister of Inquiries and Select for Inspection - Maybe there are some others that someone can suggest to swap out and give me examples of why, like Inventor's Apprentice or Lathnu Hellion. I really just want to make the ultimate blue red deck for myself to use. My kids play with me all the time and they keep blowing me out of the water every time we play, so I know something is off with my deck, I just don't know what. I am open to any suggestions. Thank you to everyone in advance for the help!

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