Get ready for the best new commander pick in the format: Yusri, Fortune's Flame ! There's no better way to draw up to five cards a turn every turn! Now maybe you're worried about taking all that damage every turn but you have Sun Droplet ,  Angelheart Vial and Ivory Tower to ease the pain. If that's not enough Kry Shield and Witch's Clinic can stop the damage entirely! Now you just draw cards and get value with Tolarian Kraken ,  Psychosis Crawler , etc. and win the game with a big  Chandra's Ignition or if you already drew half your deck just Master the Way for lethal!


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Out: - Wayfarer's Bauble

In: + Expedition Map

Just swapped in a version that tutors nonbasics at the cost of ramp to get more value out of Witch's Clinic


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