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Urza’s Iron Alliance Precon EDH - with upgrades

Commander / EDH Affinity Artifact Construct WUB (Esper)


This is my Urza edh precon, I’ll be updating as I upgrade.

Im trying to get away from fringe effects like GY and Non-artifact tokens and trying to really focus on going wide and tall with artifact creatures. I also took out the bounce lands because they are absolute butt cheeks.

CUTS Marionette Master - slow and weird here (strong elsewhere obv)

Sharuum the Hegemon - cut to lower

curve, focus on artifact tokens

Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle - meh not enough targets consistently

Sphinx's Revelation - expensive, i have card draw with Slate

Wire Surgeons - expensive but meh for me at 6 cost (probably has its places)

Orzhov Basilica - just terrible i switched all these bounce lands for basics

Dimir Aquaduct - nope.

Azorious Chancery - literally bad

ADDS Disenchant - good budget removal

Myrsmith - artifact tokens with my extra mana

Padeem, Consul of Innovation - Artifacts have hexproof and a decent chance to draw each turn (karnstructs dont count towards this, sadly)

Sydry, Galvanic Genius - can make my none artifacts (my helpers) into artifacts to protect them with Padeem and stuff

Slate of Ancestry - Good draw and an artifact

I replaced my bounce lands with 1 island 1 swamp 1 plains but I might take the swamp away for an island - will update.


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