This deck may take some time to assemble the right pieces together, but once you play a few games, you see that no 2 games can feel the same. If someone takes out one of your combos, you can just tutor for another. Take that one out? Well just find another of course!

What I love about the deck is that it can surprise even me sometimes. There may be some combos that even I don't see, but when I find out the synergy between cards, it's just a fun experience. I want to cram so many combos in here, but with only 100 cards, it's sad to see some cards go.

Devoted Druid + Experiment Kraj + Hardened Scales

  • As long as you have a +1/+1 counter on both the druid and the Kraj, you'll be able to have an arbitrary number of counters as well as green mana.

Deadeye Navigator + Master Biomancer + Progenitor Mimic + Sage of Hours

Xenograft/Arcane Adaptation + Turntimber Ranger

Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake

Biovisionary + Progenitor Mimic

  • It may take a few turns, but it will win if it happens. Slow, yes. Fun, also yes.

Biovisionary + Infinite Reflection + any 3 other creatures

  • Just slap a reflection on the visionary, have multiple creatures, and you will win at the end of the turn.

Grand Architect + Pili-Pala

  • This combo is classic for a reason, INFINITE MANA.

Gyre Sage with 3 or more counters/Elvish Aberration + Umbral Mantle

  • Tap for 3 or more mana, untap with the mantle, and get an arbitrarily large creature. If you have more than 3 counters on the Gyre Sage, this results in infinite green mana as well.

Doubling Season + Jace, Cunning Castaway

Deadeye Navigator + Deceiver Exarch + Simic Growth Chamber + Champion of Lambholt

Deadeye Navigator + Sage of Hours + Sandsteppe Mastodon

  • Infinite turns are always fun.

Any comments or suggestions? Feel free to leave some. I'm always looking for cool new synergies I may not have noticed.


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