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Phage Voltron deck, only win-con is to get phage out and smack someone. I don't want any secondary win-cons but I'd appreciate any other advice you might have. Feel free to suggest some cool equipment that I forgot about. Also maybe I have too many equipments? With the amount of tutors I have maybe I don't need some of the weaker equips.

For those wondering if you die when casting Phage from your command zone, the answer is yes. You get around said inconvenience through these cards Command Beacon , Platinum Angel , Sundial of the Infinite , Torpor Orb , Withering Boon + any "return creature from graveyard" card.

Command Beacon lets you cast Phage from your hand. Platinum Angel overrides the trigger that says you lose the game. Sundial of the Infinite is used to end your turn (i.e clear the stack) with the Phage ETB on the stack. Torpor Orb cancels any ETB effects caused by creatures. Withering Boon can be used to counter Phage. After that you can return her to your hand with Phyrexian Reclamation for an example.


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