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Mill Wheel

A Mill / Control / Graveyard manipulation deck. Ramp up to seven mana as quickly as possible. Clear the board strategically. Once you get out any of the Hexproof equipments, attach them to Damia, Sage of Stone. Try to empty your hand every turn when Damia, Sage of Stone is out, but hold your counterspells.

The win condition is usually to draw cards and mill all opponents to zero at the same time using Jace's Erasure, Psychic Corrosion, or Sphinx's Tutelage. Psychosis Crawler will win games if left unchecked. I will usually spread the mill evenly while utilizing resources from the opponents' graveyards to gain advantage on the board.

Once your opponents' graveyards start to fill up, find targets for Body Double, Geth, Lord of the Vault, Diluvian Primordial, and Sepulchral Primordial. If graveyards are hitting critical mass, try casting Rise of the Dark Realms backed up by at least one counterspell to win the game.

If Damia, Sage of Stone get's hated out or you start to stall, the backup plan is Platinum Angel with Hexproof and multiple counterspells in hand. Use Elixir of Immortality to reshuffle your graveyard. This should buy you enough time to re-establish your boardstate and find a way to kill your opponents through milling or combat damage.


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