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Welcome to the wild world of green fliers, white ramp, black artifact hate, red tappers and blue burn! It's time for Color Pie violations!

These cards happened because they work flavorwise, or they're from Magic's early days, or it's part of a set's overarching theme but looks odd out of context. Or they're from Planar Chaos.

This list is mostly intended as a resource for people building monocolor or two color EDH decks looking to shore up some of their colors' weakness. Does your mono-black deck want counterspells? Have a Dash Hopes or a Withering Boon. Does your mono-blue deck need ramp (that won't get you blown out by Vandalblast)? Have a Dreamscape Artist. Want a way to have your white deck deal with annoying lands? Have a Mangara of Corondor. Custom Categories tells you general categories of what they do and why they're weird.

I have not seen every Magic card in existence, so please suggest more stuff! A great reference for color pie stuff is Mark Rosewater's

Note: I admit that some of these cards are not things most people would want to play, but I'm including them for completeness's sake. Also there are a lot of cards like Volcanic Eruption that would count, but I'm not including color hate because that wouldn't really help the purpose of this list.


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+ Psychic Allergy , + Psychic Transfer

Old school blue doing nonblue things.


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