Vhati il-Dal

Vhati il-Dal

Legendary Creature — Human Warrior

: Target creature's power or toughness becomes 1 until end of turn.

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Vhati il-Dal Discussion

carpecanum on Cirque de la Mort - Gorm & Virtus Deathtouch/Lure

6 months ago

I would replace the Obsidian Battle-Axe with something that provides First Strike on your deathtouchers.

Wrap in Vigor and Vigor , maybe Vhati il-Dal to keep your guys alive

Blessing of Leeches on Virtus is terrifying

3n3rgy2 on An Old-School Nightmare

11 months ago

I feel the same way. Its always the same 70 cards in this format. I just put an old green black deck together with Vhati il-Dal and its been CRAZY good fun! Cheers to premodern magic my friend!!

GhostChieftain on I'm out of ideas

1 year ago

If you play any competitive, then maybe try doing something with a win con you have never used. For example you could try 4c rashimi, sacred hulk or blood pod. I understand that building those leaves little room for your own deckbuilding, but doing so may help you in building up any jank idea you have into something that can still put a fight.

Apart from that, I suggest trying out a Vhati il-Dal deck because I find his ability very interesting.

I also think Korvold, Fae-Cursed King is very open to being built in different and interesting ways to great effect. Aristocrats, stax, enchantress, tokens, Krark-Clan Ironworks eggs, mass land sac/ Scapeshift , storm.... the sky is really the limit with this guy.

LastEdegy on Willowmaker

1 year ago

@Conaxi4783 - Hmm.. i didn't remember Revel in Riches .. although, it's not as reliable, as i would like.. but, i'm going to include it in the maybeboard.. might do a couple of playtests with it.. with Smothering Tithe , i had it in a previous iteration of this deck, but i chose to cut it because my playgroup has a couple of house rules, that puts a bounty on certain cards that we feel are annoying to play against.. Smothering Tithe , Rhystic Study , Sol Ring , Gaea's Cradle , Sensei's Divining Top & Lion's Eye Diamond are those cards currently.. whenever one player destroys/exiles any of those, they would get a point in our league per month.. although Sol Ring is still in my deck, it's not as eye catching to remove from the battlefield, unlike those others, so I had to cut it.. Thanks for the suggestions btw.

@hamdeadly - that could be useful, although my deck has a couple of enchantments that i would not rather destroy, and would prefer single/multiple targeted removal spells like Return to Dust .. maybe as a last resort.. but i will keep that mass removal spell in mind, if ever i would update this deck.. thanks!

@Jobiji - that's a viable strategy! let's see if i can replace one of my creatures for Vhati il-Dal .. thanks!

Jobiji on Willowmaker

1 year ago

I'm not sure if this has been suggested already, but you can add to the combat tricks you have with Vhati il-Dal . You can hold this creature over your opponent's head, and threaten them if they will block your tough creatures.

LittleBlueHero on Volrath the Shapestealer

2 years ago

For flavor reasons I run Vhati il-Dal . It also helps that with him and Volrath out you can kill any creature you want once per turn .

JANKYARD_DOG on New player looking for a …

2 years ago

Vhati il-Dal could work for the trample portion. Glissa, the Traitor if you run alot of artifacts. Also I'd like to direct you here for a list of commanders as well as a resource for deck building in general.

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