"I have been called 'bad' before. Many have said, I do things, that are not correct to do... I am nice man, with happy feelings! All of the time!".

Jasper is just a funny guy that likes to laugh, and share the hilarity of playing your own cards against you. Simple as. Gather up a band of Outlaws, and steal stuff from around the table.

Playing Outlaws naturally lends itself to playing creatures that tend to lean Aggro, and have interactive/control leaning abilities. In the context of my meta, I will most frequently look to steal from aggro decks with Green that will likely be running bigger creature threats, & more versatile removal (looking mostly at you, Enchantments).

Although the deck leans more aggro with some elements of control, the Outlaw batching includes Assassins, which opens up a more synergistic inclusion for Murderous Redcap. The deck currently has a couple of combo options, which are treated more as alternate win-cons, than as the primary means for the deck to close out games. Both combo options are detailed in the drop down accordions below.

Primer still WIP

"Why aren't you playing Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, but are playing Dockside Extortionist?"

  1. I don't own a copy.

  2. I don't feel like buying a $50+ card or proxying it.

  3. I already have Dockside in my collection from the pre-con it came in originally.

Combo 1

First Day of Class + Murderous Redcap and a free sac outlet like Goblin Bombardment or Altar of Dementia

Based on this combo, but replaces Viscera Seer with any of the free sac outlets listed above. Outcomes of the combo:

  • Infinite damage.
  • Infinite death triggers.
  • Infinite ETB.
  • Infinite LTB.
  • Infinite sacrifice triggers.

Combo 2

Breath of Fury + Daring Piracy

Based on this combo. Outcomes of combo:

  • Infinite combat damage.
  • Infinite combat phases.
  • Infinite death triggers.
  • Infinite ETB.
  • Infinite LTB.
  • Infinite sacrifice triggers.

After play-testing the deck a bit, I think this will benefit greatly from producing as much treasure as possible to open up the likelihood of playing stolen spells & advancing its own board state. Mana rocks for early game, & treasure for keeping foot on the gas throughout mid to late game.


The Treasure purse

  • Charming Scoundrel - One of her modal options is to make a Treasure. Definitely more situational than the others in this section.
  • Dockside Extortionist - Good card becomes slightly better somehow via additional design space exploration. Stay tuned for more news at 11.
  • Black Market Connections - It's flavorful and it does pretty much everything this deck wants. Keep the treasure pumping at a minimum.
  • Breeches, Eager Pillager - One of 10 Pirates (or Pirate creature token producers). The slower, albeit more versatile version of....
  • Captain Lannery Storm - Although she lacks Breeches' First Strike & Modal options, she makes up for in Haste & Treasure-Breathing(?)
  • Kellogg, Dangerous Mind - The Cooler Captain Lannery Storm™️
  • Mari, the Killing Quill - Kinda like a Grim Hireling, with an extra anthem & hate effect, but additional hoop to jump through to make tokens. TBD on long term inclusion. Could get swapped for Massacre Girl, Known Killer.
  • Seize the Spotlight - Gives an opponents a choice on how they would like to be stolen from. In my experience playing it, at least one opponent tends to pick the Fortune option.
  • Grim Hireling
  • Pitiless Plunderer - A bit more sure fire in this deck, with some of the sac options available.
  • Prosper, Tome-Bound - Like Dockside Extortionist, "Good card becomes slightly better somehow via additional design space exploration. Stay tuned for more news at 11." Although he is not at the helm, Prosper will be right at home in Jasper's gang of Bad Dudes™️.

Ritual ramp

This section may be expanded if I decide to move away from some of the more inconsistent treasure producing options above, especially to help set up explosive theft turns.

In the context of this deck, the Interaction section will be a variety of effects that interact with opponents' resources, and either steal or prevent their usage to their fullest extent.

Theft Effects

  • Tinybones, the Pickpocket - A fairly easy to deploy theft effect, maybe for mid-game after someone has dropped a board wipe.

  • Dauthi Voidwalker - A Death trigger hate effect that can then steal one of the spells it exiled. Can be tricky with other Voidwalkers on table, as any of them can steal the cards the others have exiled.

  • Dire Fleet Daredevil - A smaller 2/1 body with First Strike, that can steal an instant or sorcery out of a graveyard. This could be a potential swap out for Generous Plunderer.

  • Robber of the Rich - A somewhat redundant theft effect with Jasper Flint. As of 4/7/24, the deck has ~12 Rogues, making the theft plays fairly feasible.

  • Kellogg, Dangerous Mind - The ~11 treasure producing effects in the deck (as of 4/7/24) increase the feasibility of using Kellogg's theft effect. I don't think I'd use the theft much, as I prefer him as an early game aggro & treasure creating option.

  • Opposition Agent - No tutors lol. My main play group doesn't run tutors often, but more frequently utilizes ramp effects which search for specific land types.

  • Seize the Spotlight - The variability for Fame or Fortune being selected will vary each game, but is still a fairly fun card to play.

  • Coercive Recruiter - As of 4/7/24, there are ~9 pirates in the deck, with Daring Piracy's tokens raising that to about 10.

Damaging Effects

  • Goblin Bombardment - A combo enabler, as well as a means to make additional use of stolen creatures.

  • Rakdos Charm - Sometimes you have to punish those big token boards, or the player that is comboing off and making a laughably large amount of tokens.

  • Zulaport Cutthroat - Still figuring out if Cutthroat will make the cut long term. I figured it would be a complimentary piece to any sac outlets that can be utilized on stolen creatures.

  • Broadside Bombardiers - Ditto as Zulaport Cutthroat, but has additional flexibility to repurpose Treasures, and Mana Rocks that aren't as necessary later in the game.

  • Emberwilde Captain - Punishes opponents for stealing the Monarchy. TBD on long term inclusion.

  • Murderous Redcap - A classic combo piece. Redcap can aim its damage at faces and smaller utility creatures.


Updates Add


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