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Izzet just me or is Locust God bigger than a 4/4?

Commander / EDH* Casual Control Multiplayer Tokens UR (Izzet)



This is my own style of Locust God. Ever since Hour of Devastation first came out, I've been fine tuning this list to become what it is now. I used to run a bunch of wheels and windfalls until I learned that making 3 opponents discard their hands and draw new 7s not only angered them, but also provided them with 21+ new cards to throw at me in retalliation. So I scrapped that idea and stuck to straight one-sided draws.

In May 2019, I removed the protection suite from the deck. It might seem like a bold move, since it's obvious that the deck only wins if LG is on the battlefield. I used to tutor up proactive protection (i.e. Lightning Greaves) to prevent LG from dying and losing valuable tempo. But I realized that I was wasting about 5-7 card slots to protect a general that already only "dies" to exile effects. I thought why not just ramp harder in case I need to re-cast him and always leave 2 mana up for countermagic. Now it turns out most people don't even want to kill him if they see me with a ton of mana sources up. That freed up some extra space for more explosive cards too.

Now I typically spend the first several turns ramping into LG, ideally dropping him once I hit 8 mana sources with a counterspell in hand. Then I start drawing cards in various ways, most of the time leaving tokens untapped to deter opponents from attacking me. Then I keep drawing into a tutor or a finisher (like Coat of Arms) to seal the game.

I'm avoiding infinite combos on purpose, so I won't be adding Ashnod's Altar, Mana Echoes, or Kindred Discovery. Skullclamp is still the best card in the deck and single-handedly wins games even without Ashnod's Altar.

Please let me know what you think or if you have suggestions! :D


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