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Myra the Magnificent

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Myra the Magnificent - Take two, more like Kykar this time.

This version works a lot better. There have been games where I was able to pull out all 22 attractions, turn them into flying 4/4s with Cyberdrive Awakener and win. I also put Hellkite Tyrant in there since the attractions are all artifacts. Emergence Zone so you can cast him at the end step for a sneaky win.

The 20 cantrips are instants by design. This deck runs on the upkeep. Reason for that is you want to be able to visit your attractions the turn you play them. Since this happens after the draw step, you need to open them on your upkeep.

So the instants are really the main engine once you get Myra out. A good turn after Myra is out is to play all your instants in your hand during your upkeep. Cards like Braid of Fire and Thran Turbine which can be useless in a lot of other decks help a lot with this. You can use that upkeep mana to tap Myra to put an instant under an attraction, in the case with Braid of Fire you can even play some of the spells though most require blue mana so these cards usually are used to place the instants under the attractions. I say under, but I mean you exile them so you can visit after your draw step. Speaking of blue mana, having Urza, Lord High Artificer & Galazeth Prismari Can have you tap your attractions for mana, along with a flipped Storm the Vault   and our buddy Storm-Kiln Artist to make us those treasure tokens!

Roll a 6 and the game gets crazy. Imagine having 6 draw spells on 6 attractions. You roll a 6 all of them go off in addition to what the attraction itself does!

Anyways if you were looking for a viable commander legal way like I was to make attractions work, I think you will like this.


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