Thran Turbine

Thran Turbine


At the beginning of your upkeep, you may add up to (2) to your mana pool. You can't spend this mana to play spells.

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Thran Turbine Discussion

PaulMuadDib on Grenzo Take the Wheel

3 months ago

Carnival of souls is quite the pick! I don't think I would run it, seems too easy to kill yourself. Though with enough aristocrats effects, I suppose you can get by.

In my grenzo deck I have about 20 non-creature cards. 2 of them inherently can be used in the graveyard and I decided on the others because I needed more interaction in the group I was playing against. Out of those ones which you aren't running and I don't see in your maybe pile or deck that you should consider are:
Thran Turbine essentially a sol ring that you can use only during your upkeep on grenzo
Elixir of Immortality a way to protect your graveyard from someone trying to exile it
Desecrated Tomb makes each successful grenzo activation net you a Bat
Tel-Jilad Stylus lets you do 2 things -- repeat an etb of a creature already out, protect a creature from being interacted with. You can even activate grenzo and then use this in response to avoid targeted destruction. I've used this thing on Faceless Butcher to save grenzo from boardwipes.
Dark Privilege lets you block most creatures with grenzo, use it as a sac outlet and increases his power and toughness by 1. It also avoids lots of targeted removal, though not the most popular boardwipes.
Songs of the Damned depending on where the game is, this can be worse than dark ritual or net you 10 mana.

I would additionally suggest giving Warp World a spin because it is some very good disruption, removes enchantments and lands. If you're lucky it can be a red timewalk due to bringing in the lands untapped.

A land you might want is Scorched Ruins . As far as you are concerned, once grenzo is out, this is like playing 2 lands for one. though there are obviously downsides.

My mana base consists of 36 lands and 12 creatures that produce mana, or in the case of Burnished Hart ramp you.
You have 6 out of the 12, and are running palladium myr which isn't a bad pick and I honestly forgot about it. The 5 which I haven't mentioned are Basal Thrull , Generator Servant , Treasure Nabber , Blood Vassal and Catalyst Elemental . With the exception of Nabber, they all replace themselves manawise due to generation 2 mana. I would avoid putting in manadorks that do not make 2 or more mana.

You might additionally want to consider Junktroller which lets you recur creatures or disrupts someone else's grave.

Since a grenzo deck usually does not cast that many spells, you can try throwing in some asymmetrical effects, such as Soot Imp or Eidolon of the Great Revel to leverage that, though with the direction your deck is currently in, that doesn't seem necessary.

Additionally Shrieking Mogg can be used both offensively and defensively. If you know it's on the bottom, you can tap down an opponent before their declare attackers step. If it's your turn, tap down their creatures during your declare attackers step and all of their blockers will be tapped. It also neatly fits into the goblin theme you already have present.

Rhadamanthus on Mana Question - How old …

7 months ago

It sounds like you're remembering a house rule. There was a period of time when mana could carry through steps in the same phase (for example: you used to be able to get mana from Thran Turbine during your upkeep step and spend it on Well of Knowledge during your draw step, since it was all part of the Beginning Phase), but there was never a time when mana stayed up all the way through the end of the turn.

BelgoBoliviano on Eight and a Half Tails Color Politics

10 months ago

Hello n0trichard ! Thanks for writing a primer about 8.5 tails, a pet commander of mine for sure. Your list is very interesting and balanced and the casual/fun orientation is something I look for too. I wanted to discuss some of the cards you run, not to challenge whether they should be played or not but because I feel I don't understand them well.

Earnest Fellowship : I feel like this card can also give protection to the opponent's white creatures against mines, making them unblockables would be a trouble. How do you play it ? Is there something I'm missing about this card's use ?

Ravnica at War Don't you feel it's too specific or, related to your meta, it works fine and removes most annoying creatures ?

Thran Turbine Since it's cannot be used to play spells. I guess you use the mana to make an equipped creature unblockable ? Or maybe you've got some other use for it.

Shell of the Last Kappa great addition ! I didn't know this card at all. Amazing mana sink and savior. Do you have specific 'hidden' uses I should know about ?

If you want, you can check my existing 8.5 tails list and I'll gladly discuss any feedback you'd have.

Massacar on Party Allegiance

11 months ago

I'm surprised General Tazri isn't included here as well.

If I may suggest, while you do want to get maximized value from Tazri, Beacon of Unity's ability, I would recommend cutting down your overall creature count. Even for a tribal it's creature heavy and I think cutting that category down to 36 would give the rest of your deck room to breath (counterspells, removal, draw sources, etc). Plus then you could slot in some of the spicy tribal artifacts like Coat of Arms.

Other more specific suggestions are Training Grounds, Thran Turbine, Biomancer's Familiar, and Heartstone to help with paying Tazri's ability cost.

1empyrean on

11 months ago

Im playing around with some ideas, and I wasn't using k'rrik anywhere else at the moment. At the very least, it reduces the man I need to use for Tazri. I have some other cards in mind as well (like Blood Celebrant) that I was going to add if k'rrik ended up being something I want to keep around, which I think I do even if it isn't one of the creature types I want. Training Grounds was considered, but until I get my only copy out of another deck, I wasn't planning on adding it to the list.

Thran Turbine seems potentially good. I'll admit I totally forgot about it. If I do add it im probably going to add Braid of Fire.

I really do need to add more stuff for Zur the Enchanter. He's primarily there to get those few enchantments.

The other 2 I really don't care for. Zirda, the Dawnwaker is on the list because it effects more that just creatures.

The deck list is still in its early phase and I'm taking my time with changes. I know its a rough, un-tuned mess.

Massacar on

11 months ago

If I may ask, what purpose is K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth serving in this deck? Since black isn't featured particularly heavily in this deck, and he isn't any of the party subtypes, I feel like his spot could be better utilized by something else.

Same essentially goes for Zur the Enchanter since only 3 of your enchantments can be tutored by him to begin with.

Training Grounds, Thran Turbine, Heartstone, and Biomancer's Familiar can all help out with paying for Tazri's ability.

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