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Zombies with a little Staxx

Commander / EDH Tribal


Hi, I am a relatively inexperienced player but have been honing this deck over about a month. Initially it was purely a zombie deck, but I found it slow and often having little impact in multi-player games. Now it plays a few different ways, which can be effective if the right combinations of cards come out.

It has several win conditions. One being getting lots of Zombies into play and the attacking in numbers that cannot be blocked or by cycling Gempalm Polluter . However, this rarely works, mainly because low strength zombies are easily cleared. Another win condition is a combination of Staxx effects, in particular getting Notion Thief Out and forcing discards on opponents. Painful Quandary also interacts well with this.

The Scarab God is handy for Scry and for gradual damage through its upkeep ability. Having Scarab God come back to your hand is also handy.

It also has some clear lose conditions. Flyers kill it (am thinking of adding in Wonder).

Really interested in peoples advice. Is the deck too unfocussed? Which cards should I replace? I am keen to keep it as only a blue-black deck. My experience with more than two colours has been poor.


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