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A Token of My Appreciation | Obscure Tokens Deck

Commander / EDH Casual Five Color Jank Primer Theme/Gimmick Tokens


"Upon wandering the dark streets of my imagination, I was confronted by a dark being. It followed me into the sleeping hours of the night. It was restless, it was relentless. It spoke only two words: 'Weird Tokens.'" -Alex Newton

To the show of all ages! Watch as Deadpoo111 exhausts himself again!

Ah yes, my newest, and arguably illegitimate brainchild. I hate to say that about my decks, especially because this one is super fun, but holy hell was it a process to get all the materials I needed for this. If you know me, which you probably don't, you know I hate creating five color mana bases and this is no exception. Granted, it's a pretty basic one, but upgrading them is so freaking expensive, I just can't anymore. In addition, the deck is constantly being tinkered with and I've got a backlog of cards to try so that's an endless pit of money in and of itself. Finally, and this is something you probably wouldn't expect, getting the tokens themselves has been an endless crusade filled with frustration, money, and misery. You'd honestly be surprised at how expensive some of these obscure tokens can be. Not to mention the new sets that come out and give me more weird tokens which I then need to buy. Basically, this deck was very hard to make, but I think it was all worth it because holy hell it is FUN. A big thing that steered me away from token decks was how similar they all were, and they generally all played the same way, with the best token producers and doublers. With this one, you NEVER know what kind of weird shit you can get up to because the tokens are SO RANDOM. There isn't one single strategy in this deck other than "make the weirdest shit you can and win with it" and that's just how I like it. In the end, if you consider building this deck, pace yourself, it's a long journey. However, it's worth it. The deck is worth it, and well, it's an experience all its own.

So let's answer the obvious question how many different tokens can this deck make? As of 01/28/2020 it can create 60 different tokens.


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Welp, new update is out and the primer is in the works too. A lot of new foils, Theros Beyond Death Cards and a few more Shocks added to the mana base.


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