Wasitora, Nekoru Queen


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare

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Wasitora, Nekoru Queen

Legendary Creature — Cat Dragon

Flying, trample

Whenever Wasitora, Nekoru Queen deals combat damage to a player, that player sacrifices a creature. If the player can't, you create a 3/3 black, red, and green Cat Dragon creature token with flying.

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Wasitora, Nekoru Queen Discussion

griffstick on Nekoru Queen

4 days ago

I added those cards. And Breath of Fury, because it wins the game is a certain scenario.

If all I have in play is Fires of Yavimaya, Wasitora, Nekoru Queen, a 3/3 flying cat dragon token (or any other creature), a table of no creatures, 4 mana, and Breath of Fury in my hand , I can win the game with infinite combat steps.

Tap 4 man, enchant the 3/3 flying cat dragon token with the Breath of Fury. Next, attack with both Wasitora, Nekoru Queen, and the 3/3 flying cat dragon token with Breath of Fury enchanting it.

Then when they both hit for combat damage, they both trigger at the same time. Wasitora, Nekoru Queen on the top of the stack Breath of Fury on bottom of the stack. The trigger from Wasitora, Nekoru Queen resolves and creates a 3/3 flying cat dragon token. Then Breath of Fury trigger resolves, you sacrifice the enchanted creature and attach Breath of Fury to the new 3/3 flying cat dragon token. Creating a new combat step.

Rinse wash and repeat to victory.

Senomar on Got Sac?

1 month ago

Why don't you play Wasitora, Nekoru Queen as your Jund commander if you wanna build around sac :) ?

Rondo on Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund

1 month ago

AaronEchoes: Thank you! The deck is as much fun as you think I'd be :)

Reyemile: Thank you for the suggestions :)

  • Huh, it's funny how I've stolen several Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, but never considered playing him. I think I might try him over Broodmate Dragon or Wasitora, Nekoru Queen.
  • Taurean Mauler is a dragon, he's doesn't quite fit the deck. I already have an abundance of big creatures that I don't think I need to play something niche like this.
  • Patriarch's Bidding: I agree with you! But Living Death is my budget option for it right now. When the day comes I'll be able to play both.
  • Kessig Wolf Run: I'm still worried about colored sources, but If I don't like Path of Ancestry I'll probably end up replacing it with this.
  • Herald’s Horn : I like this suggestion and I'll try the swap
  • Oracle of Mul Daya: Again, Courser is a budget option. I'll switch to Mul Daya once I acquire one.
  • Painful Truths: Here I thought Harmonize was my best option. Again, I like the swap, I'll try it at once.

  • electromancer: I do like the idea of Sarkhan the Mad. I'll probably swap him out over Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker. My issue with Heartless Summoning I already have a lot of reduction costs. For more ramp I'd probably end up playing more things that fetch actual lands. Thanks for the feedback :)

    Catalog9000 on Duel Commander deck assistance

    1 month ago

    I think Wasitora, Nekoru Queen would be a better stand-in for your duel over Darigaaz Reincarnated. I say this because Darigaaz needs three turns to free-cast and doesn't bring you anything for it.

    It also negates his trigger if he is exiled / hit with -1/-1 shit like Tragic Slip, returned to your hand / library, or any other janky way of removal.

    Meanwhile, Wasitora, Nekoru Queen costs less and forces your opponent to sac something. If they can't, you get a 3/3 body.

    Now, in my absolute honest opinion - I think the BEST would be Verix Bladewing. He gets you a 4/4 Flyer (Albeit Legendary) and costs less with a lot less color restrictions.

    If you can manage out a Mirror Gallery or Helm of the Host, things can get really crazy, really quick.

    So really it sort of depends just how you are wanting to play. Jund loves to be hyper-aggressive. So Wasitora will want to be attacking constantly to bring out 3/3s.

    If she can't (Say your opponent has a lot of Flyers / Reach or tapdowns) than you'll want Verix who gets you the 4/4 automatically for

    So I'd mainboard Wasitora, and sideboard Verix and just play around your opponent's boardstate. If nothing else, run both and pop out someone else. For example: Playing someone who lacks a lot of targeting spells? No reason to run Thunderbreak Regent, so swap in Verix into the deck and keep Wasitora as a Commander.

    TLDR: Main Command Prossh, Dual Command Wasitora, Sideboard Verix, Main Deck Regent. Swap Verix in as Dual Command or Main Deck as needed.

    JoJoem on And Everything Dies, The End!

    1 month ago

    I was looking at Grave Titan and was wondering if it was worth putting in. I'm really considering swapping out Wasitora, Nekoru Queen for it because it provides tokens just for entering the battlefield and attacking. I also wouldn't mind keeping both, but then that poses the question of what I would take out to make room.

    Jaysterbaby on Need help structuring a Dragon ...

    1 month ago

    I don't have a format in mind as me and my friends just play for fun. If I have to tweak it for formats I can do that on my own time. I just need help tweaking this deck, as I believe 80 cards to be alot even with great mana ramps, I will be going up against Merfolk with unblockable and buffs, and vampires with lifedrain, life link and deathtouch, with some flying

    Suggestions and opinions welcome. Thank you

    4x Dragonlord's Servant

    8x Mountain

    4x Crucible of the Spirit Dragon

    4x Haven of the Spirit Dragon

    1x Bogardan Hellkite

    4x Unclaimed Territory

    1x Devil's Play

    1x Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

    2x Geosurge

    1x Dragonlord Kolaghan

    3x Dragonspeaker Shaman

    1x Draconic Roar

    3x Lightning Bolt

    2x Dragon Tempest

    1x Thunder Dragon

    1x Ruby Medallion

    2x Anger of the Gods

    2x Pyretic Ritual

    2x Bathe in Dragonfire

    1x Flameblast Dragon

    1x Balefire Dragon

    3x Sarkhan's Triumph

    2x Seething Song

    1x Fiery Confluence

    1x Slice and Dice

    2x Rolling Thunder

    1x Thundermaw Hellkite

    1x Ryusei, the Falling Star

    1x Dragonmaster Outcast

    1x Ramos, Dragon Engine

    1x The Ur-Dragon

    1x Slumbering Dragon

    1x Awaken the Sky Tyrant

    1x Skyline Despot

    1x Wasitora, Nekoru Queen

    1x Dragonlord Dromoka

    1x Thunderbreak Regent

    3x Archetype of Aggression

    1x Chromatic Lantern

    1x Gilded Lotus

    2x Archwing Dragon

    1x Clifftop Retreat

    1x Sulfur Falls

    1x Rootbound Crag

    1x Dragonskull Summit

    freshdemon on The Real Slaughter Games

    1 month ago

    Great ideas guys. I will add them to a list of cards to playtest with.

    About giving the opponents creatures to use: They may use them for their benefit and it has a lot of negative synergy with this deck. Merciless Executioner, Fleshbag Marauder, Smokestack , Charging Cinderhorn, Wasitora, Nekoru Queen, Living Death(those cards aint creatures) and one of our strenghs is that the opponents have to use their utility creatures in combat. Their potential makes them worth trying though.

    chadsansing on Karrthus Dragons EDH

    1 month ago

    Maybe Shivan Harvest and Sylvan Library? The greater the density of dragons and cheat effects you play, the less top-deck manipulation you need, I think. Maybe also Darksteel Plate, Primal Rage, and Quicksilver Amulet. Blades and Silence the Believers? Flying gives you decent evasion, and something like Fires of Yavimaya to back-up Dragon Tempest might be better to go wide, quickly, with dragons.

    I like that you are not running Prossh. It might be fun to test Wasitora, Nekoru Queen (I love that card), Vampiric Dragon, and Scourge of Nel Toth, too.

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