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You are looking at a Gruul variable-casting-cost hydra/burn deck. Its commander, Rosheen Meanderer, is a 4/4 legendary giant with ': Add 4 to your mana pool. Spend this mana only on costs that contain X.’.

When things get variable, things are bound to get big. Gruul facilitates us lovers of big very nicely. Green provides plenty of mana-acquiring/enhancing options to suit our energy needs. Red provides us with plenty of means to increase or even double-up on damage. It’s the perfect combination to create some outrageous monsters and spells. This deck aims to build up quickly and then strike decisively and ferociously at our opponents with concentrated, single attacks. Let no-one dispute the ever-lasting rule of Gruul-power!

We greatly appreciate feedback to any of our decks, including this one. Before you give any however, please take note of the following:

  1. Having fun at MTG, is more important to us than winning games. We want our opponents to have a fun time playing against us too. That makes it more likely people will want to play against us again. This attitude is reflected in the way in which we build decks. They do not need to be invincible; not even competitive. We are ok with decks containing infinite combos though, as they can produce some hilarious results. So well done if you can pull one off; especially if it is original.
  2. We no longer buy cards, but in cases that we feel a card really adds to our collection, we still trade them. This means that whenever you are suggesting a card we do not own, chances are slim it is going to end up in our deck. Please do not take this personally. Also, please do not let this stop you from making suggestions. Suggestions that do not make it into this deck, will still be mentioned on this page and might be used by others.
  3. Please do not forget to include the card(s) you would remove to make room for your recommended card(s).
  4. Please do not recommend any cards with infect or cards whose sole purpose is to destroy basic lands (non-basic lands are fair game). Our playgroup has banned them.

With that being said, thank you for all your support and if you should decide to use our ideas, have lots of fun with them.

This deck is about casting big spells; creatures and sorceries mostly. We can create big spells by either spending large amounts of mana on them or we can somehow multiply their effectiveness. If we are lucky, we can even do both! First, we start securing as many mana-sources as we can get our hands on. We prefer to use dorks (Bloom Tender, Somberwald Sage and of course, Rosheen Meanderer), land-fetch spells (Collective Voyage, Nature's Lore, Rampant Growth), rocks (Sol Ring, Chromatic Lantern) and enchantments (Burgeoning, Exploration). In the highly unlikely case that ramp is not available to us during the early game phases, we either give priority to some filter options (in the form of Sensei's Divining Top and Scroll Rack) or we try and go for ways in which to make our castings more effective (Unbound Flourishing, Vexing Shusher, Torbran, Thane of Red Fell).

By turn 3-4, due to Rosheen Meanderer’s appearance, we will have at least eight mana available to play around with ‘X’ spells. Plenty enough to cause some major havoc. The perfect time to summon some vicious hydra’s and cast some nice fiery, red sorceries to rattle our foes. If possible we will increase their potency by summoning multipliers to really put the pressure on. We have mana-multipliers like Mana Reflection, Zendikar Resurgent, Caged Sun, Doubling Cube and even Mana Flare, if we feel like taking a risk. Potency multipliers like Fire Servant, Doubling Season, Furnace of Rath, Dictate of the Twin Gods and Pyromancer's Goggles can also be put to great use.

During the mid- and end-game phases, our goal is to create overwhelmingly large hydra’s with trample and crush our enemies. If, for whatever reason, these attacks cannot be accomplished successfully, we will instead rely on very large ‘X’ burns to wipe our opponents off the field.

  • Other Hydra’s: we have literally contemplated all, but the ones currently in the deck seem like the most useful to us. We are always open to new viewpoints though, let the discussion commence.
  • Stonecoil Serpent/ Walking Ballista/Hangarback Walker: great creatures and not in here simply because they would fulfill a hydra-like role without (technically) being one.
  • Gelatinous Genesis: we do not really see the point of creating some slimies when instead we can use the mana for much more dangerous stuff.
  • Finale of Devastation: we would love this, but we cannot get one currently.
  • Helix Pinnacle: too cheesy a way to win.


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