Protean Hydra

Creature — Hydra

Protean Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

If damage would be dealt to Protean Hydra, prevent that damage and remove that many +1/+1 counters from it.

Whenever a +1/+1 counter is removed from Protean Hydra, put two +1/+1 counters on it at the beginning of the next end step.

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Protean Hydra Discussion

robbnoble on Hydra's Menace (counters)

3 days ago

I love hydras, and pretty much anything else that involves +1/+1 counters. I think its an interesting concept you have here, focusing on growing your creatures. However, I do think your ramp is a little slow. By the time you get to playing hydras at a decent level of power, while running no removal, aggressive decks will have a field day on your life total.

Setup cards like Hardened Scales will help immensely. It may seem like it sets you back a turn, but it is definitely worth the investment. Entering the battlefield early game, your hydras are going to be very weak. Say you play primordial hydra as a 1/1 on T2. T3 it will be a 2/2. T4 it will be 4/4 (assuming it survives), T5, it becomes 8/8. T6, it becomes 16/16 and finally gains trample. With hardened scales, T3 it will enter as a 2/2. T4, it becomes 5/5, T5 it becomes 11/11, gaining trample one turn earlier, and T6 it becomes 23/23. This is just calculated using its own ability. It can be even better using cards like Simic Initiate. T1: Hardened Scales, T2: Llanowar RebornSimic initiate (2 counters instead of 1), T3: Primordial hydra (enters with 2 counters instead of one) -> graft one counter from simic initiate, which will become 2 on primordial hydra. Graft 1 from llanowar reborn, and you have your 6/6 Primordial hydra on turn 3. Turn 4 he's swinging 13/13 trample. This is what proper setup will do for you.

Asceticism is very slow to protect your creatures, even in a mana ramp deck. It will often cost you a full turn to play it, and if you don't draw into your mana ramp, you're not likely to play it at all, in favor of one of your hydras. Consider Inspiring Call. It will protect your creatures and net you a few cards. If you don't like inspiring call, how about more lightning greaves instead?

Here are some more creatures that will help your speed in the early game that go well with hardened scales and Winding Constrictor

Managorger Hydra,Avatar of the Resolute (not a hydra, but t3 he can be a 9/8 trample reach if you play your cards right, and that, IMO is too good to turn down),Protean Hydra,

I would also definitely suggest these cards.Llanowar Reborn,Hardened Scales,Winding Constrictor,Oran-Rief, the Vastwood,Simic Initiate,Aquastrand SpiderAvatar of the Resolute

I would remove Hall of the Bandit Lord in favor of llanowar reborn or oran-rief, rather than adding them in in addition, simply because you don't want to have too many tap lands slowing your pace.

Good luck, and I hope my suggestions helped!

Simon_Williamson on New Format Idea: El-Cheapo (budget ...

3 weeks ago

Jesus Hydras are just broken because you can get the biggest creatures in the format, Llanowar Elves, Fyndhorn Elves, Elvish Mystic, Birds of Paradise, Noble Hierarch, Crater's Claws, Fireball, Banefire, Feral Hydra, Sol Ring, Protean Hydra, Devils fire, Avacyn's Pilgrim,

Or just AEther Vial in decks without X costs.

More cards that exist:

Deathrite Shaman, Thoughtseize, Swords to Plowshares, Inquisition of Kozilek, Skullclamp, Green Sun's Zenith, Dryad Arbor,

Need I even mention Ancestral Recall? The moxen?

mr_funk on G/U Collected Counters

1 month ago

any thoughts on Lorescale Coatl?thinking of creatures to add to your early game, possibly Steel Wall? 4 toughness could evolve some guys and hold off some early attackers.

other options include:Aquastrand Spider, Bond Beetle, Chronomaton, Clockwork Beetle, Cosi's Trickster, Experiment One, Kavu Predator (SB), Mistcutter Hydra (SB), Mold Adder (SB), Nurturer Initiate, Primordial Hydra, Protean Hydra, Quirion Dryad, Scavenging Ooze (SB or Main), Shape Stealer (super goofy with +1/+1 counters), Slitherhead, Vastwood Hydra, Vinelasher Kudzu

if you decide to go down the "hydra" road, i would recommend Gyre Sage for added mana production/sink value.

Bassmaster on I'm Gonna Permeate Your Mass

1 month ago

This has to be the weirdest deck I have ever seen...and I love it!

Some possibilities for keeping your stuff from being permeated!: Protean Hydra, Vigor, Phantom Nantuko, or Serene Sunset

Bassmaster on Nissa's Lands

1 month ago

Awesome looking deck! +1

If you are going to have a lot of land ramp, put it to good use in some hydras! Like Primordial Hydra, Protean Hydra, or Genesis Hydra. Also consider Worldspine Wurm to make Ulamog seem less threatening :D

AkronAaron on We Needed More Legends That Care About Counters

2 months ago

Put in the vivid lands - the counters will keep replenishing, making them tap for any color of mana every turn. Avatar of the Resolute is a big cheap creature, and you'll want Bloodspore Thrinax. Ezuri, Claw of Progress could help things along, and Mycoloth is always a good call. Protean Hydra is a favorite in my Ezuri deck (, and don't forget Inexorable Tide for even more proliferation.

Also, Bred for the Hunt is worse than Bident of Thassa, so if you're only running one of them, may as well run the better version.

Tomslipknot1 on Counters on ALL the Things! (Turn 4 Win)

2 months ago

Sometimes i give some odd suggestions but some i think can be useful in certain matchups. I understand that, need to be more aggressive for sure. I like the inclusion of Protean Hydra, good if you can get it above 3 toughness primarily against red decks.

Gyre Sage could do some work, did for me before i disbanded the version i made.

Lightning Greavesor Swiftfoot Boots are most useful against hyper aggressive decks and burn, i would have also recommended a two of Kalonian Hydra but it's better if your playing more of ramp role to get it out quickly.forgot to +1 :D

SpaceGerbil on Tiny Leaders Elves & Hydras

3 months ago

You have too many Hydras and not enough Elves that generate mana.

I am running a Tiny Leader Elf deck with a 'splash' of Hydra and it is great fun and very powerful. The problem with your deck is that the Hydra's need mana ramp for the'X' and you are missing some awesome, relatively inexpensive elves that can do this.

For starters you must have Elvish Archdruid - this dude pumps Elves and generates a ton of green mana. Next is Priest of Titania. These both add mana for every Elf on the battlefield. The Land card Wirewood Lodge can untap one of these which can then be re-tapped for further green mana. Any other cards that generate green are good (e.g. Sylvan Caryatid - Hexproof defender which taps for mana).

A lot of decks run Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary - he is expensive (I don't have him). He can ramp with the forests.

Run 2-4 (probably 3, not 8!) from Genesis Hydra, Protean Hydra, Feral Hydra, Mistcutter Hydra, Primordial Hydra and Vastwood Hydra. That will leave you some room for the ramp cards.

Your three sorceries are pretty much redundant if you ramp with the Elves. Put in some protection against the burn/removal decks that will aim to take out the mana-ramping Elves.

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