Protean Hydra

Creature — Hydra

Protean Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

If damage would be dealt to Protean Hydra, prevent that damage and remove that many +1/+1 counters from it.

Whenever a +1/+1 counter is removed from Protean Hydra, put two +1/+1 counters on it at the beginning of the next end step.

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Protean Hydra Discussion

The_Good_O on Vigorous (Suggestions Welcome)

1 week ago

Spyderred Vigor prevents damage, so Protean Hydra's effect wouldn't work. Also, I like Asceticism that needs to go in this deck to keep the creatures safe from removal. Also, what is your opinion on Doubling Season and Primal Vigor?

Spyderred on Vigorous (Suggestions Welcome)

1 week ago

The_Good_O I am glad you liked the suggestions!
Got to tell you I didnt even think about the Protean Hydras effect being cancelled when Vigor is out! Still, love both cards. I only get a bit confused about the stack order priority and resolution of these effects, I think that, maybe, you could organize the stack in a way that proteans effect wont get cancelled out, but anyways, it wouldnt make much of a difference, I guess xD

Also, I was thinking, taking a better look at your deck, I dont think that Fierce Empath is actually a good addition, so I retreat that one suggestion.

Oh! and in case you are willing to spend a bit more for the deck, here a some nice cards that would make a nice addition to it, but not entirely necessary (sideboard cards maybe):
Mosswort Bridge

The_Good_O on Vigorous (Suggestions Welcome)

1 week ago

@Spyderred I think I will use Hooded Hydra. The ability of Protean Hydra is cancelled when Vigor is out. Also, I had Kalonian Hydra to combo with all the counters Vigor gives out, to double Primordial Hydra, to combo with Fangren Firstborn, or to have a small combo with Burst of Strength. And imagine a nice Hooded Hydra+Kalonian Hydra combo! 1/1 snake tokens everywhere! That is, if it dies.

Spyderred on Vigorous (Suggestions Welcome)

1 week ago

So, a few suggestions:
Canopy Cover
Fierce Empath it will help you get the right cards in hand
Garruk's Packleader - lot's of big creatures and this guy in play = draw a lot of cards
Rampant Growth or Cultivate
Evolution Charm - it will give you a nice range of options, such as getting more land and having one of your hydras fly. just saying :P
Solidarity of Heroes

now, for the deck build, I would recommend:
First, I see your deck is 79 cards, so let's pass it through a "deck filter";
Kalonian Tusker great card, but you don't need it, focus on getting that vigor in play fast, get a count of 4, instead of 3, for the Elvish Mystic and Llanowar Elves;
also, Primeval Titan, I don't think you will be needing that if you get a Rampant Growth or Cultivate;
This is a monogreen deck, so I don't think you will be having mana problems with it, I suggest going down to 22 forests, instead of 24. With the elves and land grabbing cards you will have enough; Hydra Broodmaster is a nice big hydra, but personally, i think it's a slow hydra, so I would recommend one of there: Hooded Hydra; Mistcutter Hydra; Protean Hydra (this one a think is just a great and fun hydra to play).

Hope these suggestions help ;) remember to focus on a 60 card deck, cards you are in doubt, just throw them in your sideboard and playtest the deck to see how it works best ;)

Arctic on Ulasht, the Commander Seed

1 week ago

Ok, here are a few of the cards I ran in my Ulasht deck that you don't have and may want to consider.

Into the Wilds Any time you can turn a dead land draw late game into another possible spell that's a huge plus

Druidic Satchel Either you gain a creature, get a "free" land (untapped), or you gain 2 life. Chances are your getting one of the first two.

Primal Surge High mana cost but it can be a great win con. Usually a R/G deck has mostly permanents and this could let you dump most of you deck onto the field all on one turn.

Utopia Mycon A 0/2 chump for G that lets you sacrifice saprolings for any color mana, and it produces saprolings. What's not to like?

Ogre Battledriver This guy speeds up any deck your playing, turns those 1/1 saprolings into 3/1 hasted terrors. Also he will win you the game combed with a good Primal Surge

Hydra Broodmaster A 7/7 for 6 is great. A 7/7 that you can spend XXG and get X X/X hydras and give it X 1//1 counters is brutal with Doubling Season or Parallel Lives

Protean Hydra A classic big green staple that just keeps getting bigger, give him an equipment that boosts toughness and he is almost (but not quite) indestructible.

Summer Bloom Kind of an odd card in my play group. But this card is great at making a bad hand into a better hand. From my experience most of my G decks I get mana flooded the first couple turns. Best case scenario this spell gets you to 5 land on T2 then T3 you can drop a possible 6 drop.

Illusionist's Bracers Equip to Ulasht, the Hate Seed and profit

Verdeloth the Ancient A 4/7 for 6 is about on curve. It also boosts your saprolings and treefolk. Late game if you have no other relevant play tap out using his kicker and swarm the board.

Sporemound Makes each land drop create a chump blocker or another body in your horde.

Plaguemaw Beast With the number of counters you may have on the board this guy lets you use your swarm of saprolings to build the big guys up even higher.

Exploration Another staple for G. Lets you get rid of excess lands and also lets you mana ramp from T1 on.

Beastmaster Ascension Anytime you are running a deck that can build this enchantment up quick it can end games very quickly.

Crawlspace Lets face it every deck can have a bad or slow game. This card lets you live just a bit longer hopefully long enough to stabilize.

Solidarity of Heroes Doubling counters is fun. Doubling counters on multiple creatures is even more fun.

Karametra's Acolyte You will have a lot of devotion and many of the best G cards cost a lot of mana. Sometimes its a card you can use to stabilize and other times its a "win more" card. But it definitely can speed up your game.

Chompythebeast on Xenagos, God of Revels

4 weeks ago

I'm'a give my ideas before reading the other comments, so that they have less outside bias:

First of all, I like your nearly-even mana base, despite the fact that you aren't evenly split on mana costs - I think that is definitely the way to go, especially with access to Green (Cultivate etc.) Speaking of which, I'm not really sure I like Peregrination more than Explosive Vegetation ... really, the Scry 1 only does you any good if you get rid of the top card, and that second land put right into play with Explosive puts you another turn ahead of your non-Green opponents. Meanwhile, Tempt with Discovery is an interesting card... I suppose you like the idea of 2 opponents getting a land apiece and you getting 3 over the Explosive, which gives you 2 and them none. Well, it's certainly conditional, and I don't think I'd be the 4th guy to take a measly one land while you get five - but hey, other people might play it differently.

Hunter's Insight is cool, but don'y you think Hunter's Prowess is better?

Doubling Cube is a mana-ramping king - great in a deck with Mana Reflection. If you don't have it in your initial cut, I urge you to find a spot for it eventually.

I'm guessing you're hearing this from others as well, but 4 Planeswalkers? Come on, you gotta know that's a pipe dream! Sadly, I don't have much respect for them in this format, and I think they've really gotta shine in order to survive last minute cuts. Xenagos, the Reveler is very thematic, but you may want to let go of the other three. Garruk, Caller of Beasts has very poor synergy with your X cost creatures.

Speaking of thematic: I am guessing you are intentionally not including Blightsteel Colossus and Darksteel Colossus , as their absence here feels slightly pointed. Granted, the former is pretty harsh, especially with Warstorm Surge in play; but why not run the Darksteel? You have the Colossus of Akros , after all, so I know you aren't averse to the colorless thing. I get that Darksteel is a little vanilla (anyone can run him), but that doesn't mean he doesn't fit right in to a R/G beater deck! With a little ramp and accel, you can get him out by Turn 5 or 6 - at that point, a massive Inde Trampler is really going to control the game. I think he's a better fatty than a few of the green creatures you're running presently, like Vastwood Hydra and Genesis Hydra .

Speaking of the hydras - I just think you're asking for trouble running so many creatures with X in their costs. Remember, you only really wanna play one at a time, and you really don't want to play them early or even mid-game. And I know you're running the Doubling Season , but that's just one card that you can't tutor for, you can't run too many cards that are only mediocre without it. I'd suggest getting rid of the hydras that don't easily double your mana investment in them - again, Vastwood Hydra and Genesis Hydra , as well as Protean Hydra , as nobody will ever damage him on purpose unless they do lethal, which kills him in an un-savable way (making him a 0/0).

I never thought much of Hornet Queen myself - I'd rather just run Squall Line or another board wipe. Or... any board wipe! You don't have any in here! Even if you plan to win with creatures, I don't think you can just count on beating your opponents to the punch every game you play... I don't think there is any deck that loves creatures so much that it can't run wipes... that's just being naive about how much other people love their creatures! All Is Dust , Oblivion Stone , Perilous Vault the aforementioned Squall Line may all be cards to consider. (I know you hate it, but having a Perilous Vault or Ob Stone in play is way more of a deterrent than a Hornet Queen and her tokens, even if those tokens are doubled.)

Balefire Dragon is neat, but if they have creatures to kill, why didn't they just block the dragon? Because they have no flying blockers, I guess... so for this card to shine the defending player needs to have creatures, but only of a certain kind. Sure it rocks Goblin tokes, but I think Steel Hellkite might be a somewhat more versatile removal creature, especially with extra combat phases so you can hit multiple peoples' permanents.

Giant Adephage is cool, but doesn't seem cool enough to make the cut to me. He reproduces himself too slowly to be comparable to one of the Hydras or Dragon Broodmother . Molten Primordial is another card that, while good, I've been cutting from my decks due to its conditionally, and due to the fact that it is a bomb only rarely.

NOW I'm scrolling up to see what the others have said. I too was skeptical about Oracle of Mul Daya , but I think that is partly a personal preference thing, as Thing 2 said. I think I'd rather just have another land tutor in its spot, like (once again) Explosive Veg. But that's just me.

Thing is also right about Reliquary Tower - I'd strongly suggest finding a land cut for it. Green has only mediocre recursion - it's better if your fat draws just stay in your hand. Deserted Temple is also a card I'd put into any deck with Cabal Coffers or Gaea's Cradle . Also, I used to run Rancor in Omnath, but found that Loxodon Warhammer is nearly as persistent but far better once in play, and so now I run that instead.

Finally, if you did want to add some tutors, Planar Portal and Ring of Three Wishes are okay, and Citanul Flute is pretty cool too, especially with your X creatures.

Overall it looks pretty interesting, classic R/G beats EDH. I love how prominently Trample is featured here, haha.

TheKurgan on Xenagos, God of Revels

4 weeks ago

So by and large I agree with the above comments, with just a couple of cards that I think you should cut, some absolute keepers suggested for cuts above that I would hold onto, and a couple of adds that I think are good.


Berserk - This is personal preference but I just don't really care for this card, although I guess you can get in a sneaky 1 shot on someone not defending themselves properly. Its like a less mean version of Tainted Strike . Plus it destroys the creature. Boo. Boo Berserk boo.

To preface the next paragraph, sorry for the Hydra hate - Protean Hydra - Too easily killed before the counters come back, a lot of mana investment for a vanilla creature. Vastwood Hydra is the same story (as already mentioned above), in most cases he won't die randomly on his own since he probably gets chump blocked because of his ability and then dies with everyone else in the board wipe and there is no where to put the counters. I don't like Scourge of Skola Vale either. You need to keep creatures on the board, not cut down on your giant army.

Wilderness Elemental - Yah he's a cheap creature that is gonna probably be a 4-6 most of the time (with trample), but he doesn't make an impact beyond that, and your ramp spells primarily grab basics. The suggestions of Regal Force and Knollspine Dragon would both do a lot more work for you than this guy ever will.

Rancor - Too small, not big enough picture. Either replace it with the hammer as suggested above or drop it like a sack of hammers.

Insurrection - Listen, I defend the crap out of your right to use this card below in my defense of Vorinclex, but it really doesn't have enough flavor to fit with your deck in my opinion.

Tempt with Discovery - Dumb for how expensive it is and how often no one will take you up on it. Unless two people agree its just a more expensive Explosive Vegetation with a drawback. If you are gonna help other people out, Collective Voyage and New Frontiers grab way more cards. Honestly though, you are going to run out of basic lands in your deck pretty fast with all this ramp, but maybe that was by design.

Rapacious One - Meh. There are 2719 creatures that are some combination of red and/or green in the game of Magic. I am pretty sure you can find a better one than this.

Eldrazi Monument - Could turn against you in the wrong situation. I am wary of this card.


Nylea, God of the Hunt - A lot of hydras don't come with trample, which is too bad because they have ungodly amounts of damage potential, especially with lots of mana floating around. Nylea has sticking power in the event of most board wipes, provides much needed trample, has a substantial indestructible body with enough devotion in play, and when you have no other plays you can spend the mana for her ability to increase the power of one of your creatures BEFORE Xenagos, God of Revels pumps them with his ability. This also works really well if you have the mana with Overwhelming Stampede since you can artificially raise the damage base given to all creatures. A must include if I ever saw one.

Oracle of Mul Daya - I just think this card keeps your deck moving better. If you are lucky you can cycle through 2 lands at a time. It may show your top deck but the benefit is still huge.

Spearbreaker Behemoth - Having lots of nasty indestructible creatures, including all 3 gods and this guy, can really allow you some sticking power in the event of a board wipe. If you have mana open, suddenly even more of your creatures survive (most are gonna have the requisite power).

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger - Yah, he is big and mean, but he is a huge and nasty board presence in every major way and if you are going big mana I don't know why you would do it half way. Sheoldred, Whispering One , Rise of the Dark Realms , Blazing Archon , Insurrection , Avacyn, Angel of Hope , Eldrazi et al., are all mean and nasty and can instant win/lock down a game, but they are also all answerable and stealable, and Vorinclex is no exception. Listen, if you don't want to play any of the 5 best cards in any color in your EDH deck, that is fine, but while these cards are degenerate at times, EDH games would go on even longer at times without them, and having one that fits into the strategy of your deck is just fine.

Garruk, Caller of Beasts - With the content of your deck and all the land search, this should pull 2-4 creatures a turn, which is a worthwhile draw spell for 6 CMC on its own. If you need to put something big out that is going to benefit you immediately, like a Worldspine Wurm or Artisan of Kozilek , he can do that and allow you to essentially ramp into a larger creature in a turn, necessitating that he has a blocker to allow him to survive to his second turn so he can do his first ability.


Polukranos, World Eater - Like the Hydra Broodmaster you can dump huge mana in there to deal with just about anything you could want. Pretty nuts with Triumph of the Hordes .

Deadwood Treefolk - With Eternal Witness this guy is a pretty fantastic graveyard cycler.

Silklash Spider - You have somewhat surprisingly few ways to deal with flyers. With how much mana and creature search you have, this guy is an easy include that provides an excellent answer to things like Utvara Hellkite .

By the way, I like the Colossus of Akros in this deck a lot. With a lot of mana (pretty easy for this deck) you suddenly have a 40/40 trampler. For. The. Win. Hulk SMASH.

Fun deck. Check out Animar and let me know if you have any cuts, I need to drop a few things and add some board wipe type effects. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.99 $1.58 $3.61 $2.69

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.05 TIX 0.15 TIX
Power / Toughness 0/0
Color(s) Green
Cost XG
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 1.04
Avg. cube pick 3.98


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
2011 Core Set Rare
2010 Core Set Mythic Rare

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