Protean Hydra

Creature — Hydra

Protean Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

If damage would be dealt to Protean Hydra, prevent that damage and remove that many +1/+1 counters from it.

Whenever a +1/+1 counter is removed from Protean Hydra, put two +1/+1 counters on it at the beginning of the next end step.

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Protean Hydra Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Mono Green Defender Ramp

2 weeks ago

I feel Primordial Hydra and Protean Hydra are musts regardless of cost. You may also want to consider Burnished Hart for some more ramp.

TheSpiritombEnthusiast on Age of Hydras

1 month ago

Protean Hydra, Genesis Hydra, and Hydra Broodmaster all fit here. Splashing red might be a good idea, as there are some great R/G hydras. Rosheen Meanderer can be added without changing anything. I have a hydra deck myself if you want to take some ideas from it! Good luck! +1 from me.

mrfab13 on Hydra Herders Inc.

1 month ago

Protean Hydra is another hydra to consider,as for ramp id use things more like Elvish Mystic and Llanowar Elves id add some board wipes or kill spells to have a cleaner board when paying x for hydras so id be looking at things like Anger of the Gods, Pyroclasm or even Savage Twister.i think if you wanted planswalkers you could look at Domri Rade, + = draw, - = kill somthing, ult = you win.i dont think Fervor is a good card, if you relly needed all creatures to have haste Hammer of Purphoros is better as it has a alternate ability aswell. orrrrArlinn, Embraced by the Moon, for massive hydras nothing like swinging immediately with +2/+2 and staying up to block, nothing wrong with a free 2/2, other side, +1 means you dont have to run Primal Rage as this is giving +1/+1 to everything aswell, -1 bolt a creature still strong, and ult insta win.+1/+1 synergy there is Doubling Season, Primal Vigor, Hardened Scales or a black splash for Corpsejack Menace (you mana base needs alot of work if your going to splash for 3rd colour)also id reccomend Asceticism at least in the SB if not MB as having a massive hydra getting killed by a Path to Exile

maneeper on evolution is goooood

1 month ago

This one looks like a LOT of fun. A lot of synergy, but for 2.5 tix??? Awesome! I think the Protean Hydra would very fun addition, and then giggle, lol.

TwitchieHillArt on Hydra Deck Help

2 months ago

My focus as per title is Managorger Hydra I could use any advice as to make this even better. I would prefer to stay Mono-Green. Gorger Growth Deck Link

Mr_Radical on Ghave: Grinding Toward Victory

2 months ago

Some insane Ghave combo cards: Sigil Captain, Champion of Lambholt, Bloodspore Thrinax, and Protean Hydra. I would definitely mainboard Hardened Scales and Cathars' Crusade.

KongMing on Elven Hydra's

2 months ago

My friend has a deck similar to this. Instead of going the Elf route for mana though, he uses Overgrown Battlement, Axebane Guardian, and Karametra's Acolyte.

Some more diversity in your Hydras might be really helpful too. Some examples are: Heroes' Bane (so deadly...), Managorger Hydra, Hydra Broodmaster, Lifeblood Hydra, Mistcutter Hydra, Nessian Wilds Ravager, Polukranos, World Eater, Primordial Hydra, and Protean Hydra.

Finally, some targeted creature destruction might be quite good for this deck, and it's something you can pull off with the Black you have splashed in here. Another option would be to go Red instead/also and include stuff like Apocalypse Hydra, Zhur-Taa Druid, and Rolling Thunder.

Epochalyptik on Starcraft set keyword mechanics

2 months ago

I don't think there's a precedent for that kind of effect. Maybe use Protean Hydra (incidentally close to Protoss...) as a template.

If damage would be dealt to ~, prevent damage equal to the number of shield counters on ~. If you do, remove that many shield counters from ~.

There's also Cover of Winter:
If a creature would deal combat damage to you and/or one or more creatures you control, prevent X of that damage, where X is the number of age counters on Cover of Winter.

If damage would be dealt to ~, prevent X of that damage, where X is the number of shield counters on ~. Remove a shield counter from ~ for each 1 damage prevented this way.

Of the two, I think the latter is better.

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