Protean Hydra

Protean Hydra

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Creature — Hydra

Protean Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

If damage would be dealt to Protean Hydra, prevent that damage and remove that many +1/+1 counters from it.

Whenever a +1/+1 counter is removed from Protean Hydra, put two +1/+1 counters on it at the beginning of the next end step.

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Protean Hydra Discussion

pthomas625 on Green Black Modern

2 weeks ago

Outside of Bioshift, you don't have any way to get counters on Wild Beastmaster, and at 2 and 3 copies, may be difficult to combo that. I like Bioshift in here though.

Mistcutter Hydra. I don't know what else to say about it.

I like X-costed hydras more, so you can play SOMETHING if you're hurting for your mana. Genesis Hydra, Hooded Hydra, Protean Hydra, Vastwood Hydra.

Also, mana-ramp. How about Birds of Paradise? If anything, Bioshift one and have a huge flyer. Outside of elves, I'm not really sure how your ramp in modern, I'm sure someone else can help with that.

I like Corpsejack Menace and Kalonian Hydra combo.. :)

Trockenmatt on Ezuri's Forestry Commission

2 weeks ago

I would really like an X-cost creature in here, like maybe Genesis Hydra, Feral Hydra, Lifeblood Hydra (its CMC is 3), Mistcutter Hydra in Sideboard, Protean Hydra, or maybe even Vastwood Hydra. That's all just from a simple Gatherer search, but I do really believe that they would be amazing in this deck.

kengiczar on Math on a Budget [<20$]

1 month ago

I just realized how Protean Hydra works with the Leyline and I gotta say that is a genius solution.

Darthagnon on Hail Hydra

2 months ago

Add 4x Sol Ring, at least 2x Protean Hydra and 4x Khalni Hydra. Ditch Nylea, God of the Hunt (technically Goddess of the Hunt; most of your hydras already have trample), Voyaging Satyr, drop to 1x Nissa, Worldwaker. Also, dump Hunt the Hunter and Hornet Nest looks like it would spawn a max of 2 tokens, after you pay 3 mana and it is destroyed (it will be) (junk). Perhaps sideboard rampish/one-drop (i.e. very cheap) green creatures, in case you need blockers vs aggro, and to help cast Khalni Hydra for free. Also sideboard 2 or 3 Feed the Clan. Lastly, consider 1x Primordial Hydra. Sorry for being blunt; just had a bunch of good ideas :)

shelldell on Pump me, green jesus!

2 months ago

Phytohydra has a cool concept, but it just seems too slow/expensive as a 5 drop 1/1. I have trouble imagining this card changing the course of the game on turn 5 the same way that I see Kalonian Hydra putting in work... In my head I see Photohydra played, then the opponent swings, Phytohydra chump blocks one of the creatures and grows by +6/+6ish, while you take the rest of the damage. The game is going to be decided that turn or the next turn before he gets very big as far as I can tell, might as well just play something that starts big for a turn 5 play. Maybe I'm overlooking something?

I do love Primordial Hydra, and I own 2 copies. He definitely puts the opponent on a clock, though he has to sit on the board for a while attracting attention while he grows. Predator Ooze can get away with this a bit more thanks to indestructibility, but Primordial Hydra definitely needs to be wearing Lightning Greaves to grow safely. I'll mess around with swapping Primordial in over the Protean Hydra.

crystalisdraco on Karametra edh

2 months ago

Hello Friend! Suggestions with Autocard are awesome!

So one of the first suggestion I'll make is based upon your commander, she is indestructible and you should take advantage of that by using destroy all creature effects instead of exile effects. For this I'd take out False Prophet and put in Sunblast Angel, she's a bigger flier, and you can easily control what she destroys.

I think that using hydra like creatures will help since you'll have deep coffers of mana and they will size up as the games go later. Also using effects that give these creatures abilities works in your colors. You can also cast these before Karametra if you need to, or wait and gain value afterwards.Creatures: Feral Hydra Hooded Hydra Ivy Elemental Mikaeus, the Lunarch Mistcutter Hydra Protean Hydra Phytohydra
Boosters: Brave the Sands Abzan Falconer Ainok Bond-Kin Abzan Battle Priest Longshot Squad Tuskguard Captain Aura Shards Collective Blessing Primal Rage Archetype of Courage True Conviction

Along with the theme of pumping out big creatures and lots of them you can always add some green draw.Draw: Shamanic Revelation Soul's Majesty Harmonize

Also never doubt some recursion, and if we continue with the hydra-espue creatures though that would mean return to the hand instead of the battlefield, and that gives you extra lands.Recursion: Eternal Witness Deadwood Treefolk Evolution Charm Nature's Spiral Remember the Fallen Reviving Melody Wildwood Rebirth

Hope this helps!

LupineShadow on corpsejack menace wants counters

2 months ago

Protean Hydra he and Corpsejack Menace do terrible things to your opponent together. Also Kalonian Hydra to keep the stupidly aggressive hydras coming...

Power / Toughness 0/0
Color(s) Green
Cost XG
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 1.04
Avg. cube pick 3.97


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
2011 Core Set Rare
2010 Core Set Mythic Rare

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