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So, since slivers were introduced at around the same time as Dense Foliage was, I always thought that they would go well together in a deck featuring good, mostly smaller, creatures, and to my knowledge there still isnt any sliver that confers same protection as the D. foliage enchantment does....

Opalescence to bring all your enchantments to life (some w/ 4+ casting cost = 4/4 or bigger creatures), then Replenish to bring em back in case some or all of them get their butts kicked in combat. Also can be timed w/ one-time Natural Affinity strength-in-numbers boost for a big offensive surge (wait until opponent has all their lands tapped for that move, of course!).

With Ivory Mask and Terra Eternal in play, theres pretty much no targets left for opponents to shoot at... and if you can combo Energy Field w/ Dryad Militant youre safe as can be!


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Might still get a Hivelord in here, but thats it!!

Its got 22 slivers total, from the hulking, 4/4 Battering Sliver to the lowly, 1/1 Sidewinder Sliver , and of the 22, 8 of them are multicolored.

Knight of New Alara is instrumental here - think 13/13 Fusion Elemental - as most of the non-sliver gold creatures have at least 3 colors. Most of the other non-multi "other" creatures synergize w/ sliver mechanics in some way(s).

A solid protection strategy here is to tutor for one of these 4 enchantments: Energy Field , Rest in Peace , Dense Foliage or Ivory Mask . R.I.P. or Dryad Militant coupled with forcefield provides invulnerability, and an alternate win-con appears if Azor's Elocutors makes it out.

Thanks for looking!


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