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Reborn, Reuse, Recycle

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Ok, I will admit, the initial idea behind this deck did not come from me, it was a forum post (that I can no longer find) that mentioned there were a bunch of 2-color cards with cycling on them, and a bunch of lands with cycling on them...So thus the deck started.

I did not copy a list, but as you may suspect, I'm sure the list is pretty close to the one in that initial post (and if I remember correctly, the author decided to not build Niv that way, so I'm still happy with my build).

Ok, so, plan is to get some cycling matters cards in your hand/battlefield, then drop Niv, gets some cards, cycling a bunch for fun and profit. If you can flicker Niv a bunch, even better! and don't forget, he's now a 6/6 beater too!

Current "guild" list, for those who don't want to count them out :P 5-5-5-8-5-1-1-4-2-5



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