Monstrous Carabid


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Alara Reborn (ARB) Common

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Monstrous Carabid

Creature — Insect

Monstrous Carabid attacks each turn if able.

Cycling B/R (B/R, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Monstrous Carabid Discussion

Zaueski on 5 Color Living End

1 month ago

If you want mainboard Faerie Macabre then I'd swap it for Fulminator Mage and Beast Within or the Archfiend of Ifnirs. Currently I'm testing a version without Archfiend and instead running Monstrous Carabid for even more fast cycling. The name of this variant is speed and its been running well for me.

Chino90 on Foretelling the End

4 months ago

Horror of the Broken Lands seems like a good replacement for River Serpent, and a better option than Monstrous Carabid - since you can pump it on the turn you attack after casting living end.

Chino90 on Foretelling the End

4 months ago

A final thought: Sometimes I bring back the whole GY when using Living End, making River Serpent unable to attack or block. Wouldn't be a much safer choice to play Monstrous Carabid in its place? It is 1 power and toughness short, but you have 4 damage granted instead of 5 conditional.

MrSableye on Living End Scapeshift

7 months ago

I play a lot of living end and I tested Kari Zev's Expertise and I found it was so bad. It can only be a 1 of at best. I like fulminator mage but that's just a meta call if you play against no tron/ eldrazi/ 3 color deck that could be cut off of a color. I recommend Architects of Will even if you aren't playing a blue land it ensures you that your opponent is cut off from resources for ~3 turns after you living end. A single copy of Overgrown Tomb is needed in your land base that way you aren't losing too many mountains if you have Wooded Foothills and are trying to cycle a Monstrous Carabid. Beast Within is a better removal spell than Shriekmaw in most cases. Run Simian Spirit Guide in the main board, a) it does nothing in the sideboard, and b) it can let you win on turn three if you start with the nut hand.

metalevolence on Cha Cha Slide

9 months ago

you should include Clever Impersonator and/or Copy Artifact because getting 2 astral slides in play is when things get really good

I would also want to make room for one more worse-eternal-witness effects like Tilling Treefolk, Archaeomancer or Auramancer that can return a cycling card to your hand. Auramancer is nice because it can recur slide.

Also Sun Titan can recur so many of the important pieces

I would cut invigorating boon and probably also lightning rift. Also I would focus more on cards that cycle for just 1 mana or 2 colorless, rather than cards that are harder to cycle but give marginal upside like death pulse, slice and dice or the Decrees.

Alara reborn has some cards that cycle for 1 hybrid mana: Sigil of the Nayan Gods, Glassdust Hulk, Architects of Will, Monstrous Carabid, Deadshot Minotaur

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on Legacy Living End (Competitive)

11 months ago

I like the idea. Since you do not have a SB listed I have some excellent suggestions.

Shardless Agent & Evoke play very nice.

Mainboard Suggestion:

-2 Shriekmaw-2 Monstrous Carabid+4 Mox Diamond

The four mox diamond would make it turbo Living End.

Possible SB:

2 Shriekmaw (Move the 2 from the main into the SB)


Ashockfan on Modern Living End (WINNER of TO Discord Tourni)

1 year ago


It's been a blast. Best opening hand would probably be 2 fast lands, Violent Outburst, 2 Monstrous Carabid, an Architects of Will, and a Street Wraith

Debatable having another land over one of the carabids, but you're cycling 4 times, you should find one.

There's a possibility of a T2 living end with SSG that doesn't happen often because it's hard to get enough into your yard for a T2 living end to really do much. However, a hand like: Simian Spirit Guide, a fast land, violent outburst, a carabid and 3 Street Wraith would compel me to go for a T2 Living end. It's hard to judge tho.

Anyway, thanks for the +1 :D

------ on SOI Spoilers

1 year ago

Also, Street Wraith turn 1 cycle into Shamble Back.So hilarious.Architects of Will and Monstrous Carabid for turn2.

Zombie cantrips.

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