Wild Defiance


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare

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Wild Defiance


Whenever a creature you control becomes the target of an instant or sorcery spell, it gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

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Wild Defiance Discussion

ZorrosRage on Infect

3 weeks ago

Have not played infect in a little bit but some cards to consider that worked well for me.

Wild Defiance is great in the side. especially vs burn

maybe an extra Spellskite in the side

I've seen people test Peek as a 1x not sure how well but seems decent to see your opponent hand before attack

Echoing Truth could be good side board tech in here too.

mrfab13 on Budget Infect

3 weeks ago

Yavimaya Coast is great and Botanical Sanctum is better (semi budge tho)

back to nature is only good against bogles or maby some weird prison deck, not worth running at all... 4x Nature's Claim is exactly what you need thogh (and possibly 1xViridian Corrupter). Twisted Image for spekkskite is also viable. Livewire Lash for if you need to grind possibly. Dismember for removal. Wild Defiance for if your opponent is using bolt for removal and crazy buff in genral.

Pact of Negation is less budget bus has dropped or your own spellskite to take some removal

and a couple of Spell Pierce and then ur sidebaord is done

Squirrelbacon on Simic Infect (Modern, Competitive)

3 months ago

Wild Defiance is a decent card for the deck, but it in by no means an auto include or something that the deck really wants. The reason that so many older infect lists ran Defiance was because, at the time, Lightning Bolt was the spot removal in the format (which is where the term 'bolt test' comes from). In today's modern format, Path to Exile and Fatal Push are just better removal you have to deal with in several decks.

The one thing that I will say all infect decks still need (other than creatures and pumps) is Dryad Arbor. Arbor beats so many decks and in the worse case can be a creature after a board wipe. Several decks get aggressive with life totals against infect because it "doesn't matter" and then you pump up a dork or an arbor and kill them after they tap out, thinking they are safe with no infect creatures in play... It won't happen a ton but when it does you feel real good. Arbor also beats Liliana of the Veil, which is still very relevent with BBE jund lists. Just put it in the main, it's better their than the side.

I know that it was brought up earlier, but the deck is a different list with 4 Noble Hierarch. I can't downplay the importance of this card and that one or two points of damage that it can push through is EXTREMELY relevant in most games. That's one or two extra draw steps for your opponent, and you only have so many resources to dump into your creatures. Using a Blossoming Defense or Apostle's Blessing on your turn or end steps feels really bad since that's a card that you need to push damage through, but that Noble Hierarch over those 2 turns makes up for the spells then through her exalted trigger.

Overall this list looks fine. A few changes are...

-1 Botanical Sanctum

-2 Ichorclaw Myr

-1 Viridian Corrupter

-2 Distortion Strike

+2 Noble Hierarch

+2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip or Spellskite (I prefer baby Jace)

+1 Might of Old Krosa

+1 Dryad Arbor (main)

As a last note on Wild Defiance, if you want a card to try to help your creatures out more I think that Shapers' Sanctuary helps a lot. They target, you draw. You can get a replacement creature, a defensive spell, or even those spell pierces BEFORE their removal resolves and then hold priority to respond. I've had some good luck with this card lately, I think it's at least worth a thought!

ArchonBlue on Simic Infect (Modern, Competitive)

3 months ago

Also, no Wild Defiance. Mana cost is too high and its too specific. Plus it does nothing against most removal.

colton815 on Should I Add Wild Defiance? ...

3 months ago

next time use double brackets to link the card you're talking about. Wild Defiance is too slow for what infect is trying to do. infect can already win turn 3 so it doesnt need Wild Defiance.

SkylordAleksander on Kaseto Voltron

3 months ago

Cyclonic Rift is a better/different version of River's Rebuke

Asceticism is fantastic protection

Wild Defiance will give you an extra pump to your creatures

Angelic Destiny, Eldrazi Conscription, Rancor are all great buffs

Curse of Bounty and Curse of Verbosity are good if you are doing multiplayer games. It puts a target on someone else, and gives you a bonus if you or someone else attacks them.

Bident of Thassa and Bow of Nylea are both great permanent buffs for your creatures.

Praetor's Counsel is a great recovery card

Primal Command is just good in any situation. It's recovery, it's life gain, it's removal, and it's a tutor. You get to do two and it's never a dead card.

Primordial Hydra is a fast clock, cast it big and protect it and it will kill anyone.

Thassa, God of the Sea and Nylea, God of the Hunt are both great targets for your voltron plan. Thassa gives evasion, Nylea gives trample. plus as a creature they are great beaters.

Helm of Kaldra, Sword of Kaldra, Shield of Kaldra could be fun, get all 3 and you get a creature with recursion.

Just some ideas.

BodhiQL on infect day 2 GPOKC

4 months ago

Seems pretty good to me. I hope your paper deck is fully foiled out lol. How is Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip working out for you in a competitive scene? For me he seemed a bit slow and kinda clunky, but I'd love to hear your opinion. Also, I don't like Ceremonious Rejection in the side. It doesn't really work against Eldrazi decks because they run Cavern of Souls, and while it's okay against Affinity and Tron, I think Spell Pierce is better, and against Affinity just artifact destruction is more efficient. Also, you may want to consider Shapers' Sanctuary instead of Wild Defiance. I cannot stress enough how good that card is. If you'd like, here is my list-

Frankenstein's Monster- Modern Infect (Primer)

Modern BodhiQL


Unlife on W: Foreign Cards H:Paypal, Odds/Ends

4 months ago

I am looking for the following cards in Japanese. In terms of trades, I have mostly odds and ends (my binder is not up to date, I apologize), paypal and if your willing to do, just a 1-1 trade for the cards I have. Thank you for your time

4x Gitaxian Probe

4x Vines of Vastwood (Zendikar)

2x Blossoming Defense

4x Daze (Eternal Masters)

4x Brainstorm (Mercadian Masque)

2x Crop Rotation (Urza's Legacy)

4x Might of Old Krosa (Modern Master 2017)

2x Pendelhaven (Time Spiral)

3x Ceremonious Rejection

2x Echoing Truth (Darksteel)

2x Spell Pierce (Zendikar)

2x Grafdigger's Cage (Dark Ascension)

1x Spellskite (New Pyrexia)

2x Wild Defiance

I'm also looking to trade an English Phyrexian Obliterator for a Japanese version

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