Unbridled Growth


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Unbridled Growth

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant Land

Enchanted land has ": Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool."

Sacrifice Unbridled Growth: Draw a card

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Unbridled Growth Discussion

CapV on Standard 'Renegade Rallier' Combo Deck

12 hours ago

i guess more simple revolt enablers would fit in well, also you probably want to get the cmc down so you can get more value out of the Renegade Rallier, cards like Blisterpod ,Renegade Map, Unbridled Growth.

but like the idea very much and want to build something similar maybe, so thanks for the inspiration

jawz on barals lands

3 days ago

I tried to make a deck like this work, and only half got there, so I don't know if anything I can suggest is any good. I like Fevered Visions in theory since it keeps you stocked up and your land destruction keeps them from emptying their hand, while also putting them under pressure and there isn't much enchantment removal floating around these days. I also tried Metallurgic Summonings and even though I still kinda like it, it probably was way too slow. I tried Bring to Light and it was decent.

Still the main problem I was having was I couldn't get the manabase right to consistently get the 4 lands in the right colors I needed to get all the spells off. I tried a lot of mana fixers like Attune with Aether, Servant of the Conduit, Rishkar, Peema Renegade, Conduit of Storms  Flip, Unbridled Growth, Chandra, Torch of Defiance and so on. With them I can get the mana better, but then too many of the other spells get cut out. I didn't find a good balance.

It's not an easy deck to get right. But then again, Wizards really doesn't want land destruction strategies to work because it's just too troll.

WarrKing on I need some help with ...

4 days ago

Link isn't working for me either, but have you considered Unbridled Growth? I personally have yet to use it,but i feel it could help you with your mana fixing issues? And it can net you a card later on when it looses its value.

Orion93 on Green black possible deck

1 week ago

Drop to 1 Yahenni's Expertise because you would end up killing your own field half the time. I don't know if I would use Rishkar's Expertise at all. Just because you want to finish your opponent fairly early and you only have a couple cards that would be worth casting after the draw.

Aid from the Cowl is slower than it looks so maybe just one of for that as well. Cool card but it doesn't play like you want. For a replacement You could try out the Lifecrafter's Bestiary for a late game card. Helps you sift through lands and cards you don't want after turn 4-5.

Now for Unbridled Growth, great card but 4 is too heavy because it's going to get in the way. I would drop to 2 and run 2 Attune with Aether instead. Best energy card there is. But it's really up to you because growth is great for revolt and it's better than the Renegade map I suggested earlier.

Drop out Lifecrafter's Gift for something like Highspire Infusion, Blossoming Defense, or Larger Than Life.

You have a good concept. You just need fine tuning. Good luck!

rochdalekilla9 on Eldrazi Tramp in Standard!

1 week ago

First off Eldrazi Displacer is terrible in here, with only Unbridled Growth as your white source. Endless One is pretty bad, since it has absolutely no evasion at all. If you're going the green route, you may just want to add other green eldrazi that fit the mold of this deck. There are a ton to choose from so you should take a look at those. I found that monoblack edrazi was the best build, but it definitely still has it's hurdles to jump over to be a viable deck. With black you get access to Bearer of Silence, Distended Mindbender and a slew of removal spells that are far better than Titan's Presence. It allows you to play Scrapheap Scrounger as well, which is just a really annoying creature. If you insist on keeping the green, however, I would play Druid of the Cowl over Ulvenwald Captive  Flip. Yes it doesn't transform, but 3 toughness is far better than 2 toughness and it ramps just the same. Those are a few suggestions.

TheVectornaut on Green/White Lifegain

1 week ago

I'd hesitate to call this a lifegain deck with so few ways to actually gain life. Running so many taplands for the life is rarely worth it- I wouldn't want to run more than 4. Centaur Healer and Heroes' Reunion are strong enough for play, at least casually, but having only two copies between the two of them makes it hard to insure you'll draw them. Wurm's Tooth and the other artifacts within that cycle are fairly weak in general, and that's assuming you're in a mono-color deck. There are plenty of ways to gain life in G/W that I'd use before the tooth. Finally, Gonti's Machinations isn't terrible, but it lacks a home in a deck like this that doesn't have any other ways to generate/utilize energy. Resourceful Return too is weak enough that I wouldn't want to splash black just to play it. If you'd like to get the most out of lifegain, I might recommend incorporating some elements from soul sisters decks. Soul Warden, Essence Warden, Ajani's Pridemate, and Serra Ascendant are some examples, though I'm sure decklists on Tappedout would have many more.

Since a lot of the cards here seem to be found in the recent Ajani planeswalker deck, it might be easier to instead focus on the revolt mechanic as something to build around. This still allows for some element of lifegain, but it also increases the value of cards like Narnam Renegade, Unbridled Growth, and Rancor. To make this strategy work, I'd definitely add more spells with revolt. Of course, you also want a good number of ways to reliably trigger the ability. One interesting way I thought of while looking through this decklist was to use "blinking". Cloudshift, Eerie Interlude, Long Road Home, and the like can make ETB focused cards like Trostani's Summoner and Ridgescale Tusker shine while simultaneously triggering revolt. (It is worth noting that blinking removes counters and tokens, so some caution might need to be taken, at least with Interlude.) If that's not your style, there are plenty of alternatives like creatures that sacrifice themselves, enchantments that can be returned to your hand, and even fetchlands. Well, that's my suggestion anyway.


1 week ago

I feel that adding Corpsejack Menace would not be a bad idea. I think you should get rid of Sheltered Aerie and add Utopia Sprawl or Unbridled Growth instead. Also, adding 1-3 Llanowar Wastes, Woodland Cemetery, or even Temple of Malady to take care of its cost.

GarthMaul on Land Destruction

3 weeks ago

I built one similar to this deck and i have 4 Unbridled Growth so i'll be able to use their land as my own. I haven't got to play mine yet but I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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