Unbridled Growth


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Unbridled Growth

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant Land

Enchanted land has ": Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool."

Sacrifice Unbridled Growth: Draw a card

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Unbridled Growth Discussion

multimedia on Revolting Energy Junk

14 hours ago

The_Ninjurai, What kind of budget is this deck? It looks very good, big fan of Aethergeode Miner +1

Great nonbudget revolt enablers that can also be recurred by Renegade Rallier are Selfless Spirit and Greenbelt Rampager consider adding them. Rampager could replace Thraben Inspector and Spirit could replace Matter Reshaper because you only have four lands that can cast it.

Speaking of lands using colorless lands that can't make colored mana of any kind in an Abzan three color deck that's using , and two drops is not good. I would cut the colorless lands especially Wastes for more Evolving Wilds because it's also a revolt enabler.

Unbridled Growth is much better than both Gonti's Machinations and Renegade Map consider cutting either for more Growth.

Glint-Sleeve Siphoner should be a 4 of because you want to get it on the battlefield as soon as possible, turn two because you only get draw value from it at your upkeep.

Good luck with your deck.

FirePenguin3090 on

2 days ago

I also don't see why you are playing Unbridled Growth since it's just a one mana cycle. I fell like theres better option than using that card. Maybe something like Animation Module instead to go wide with creatures and synergies with Ridgescale Tusker or Rishkar, Peema Renegade.

Eleiz11 on Standard Elf Stompy

4 days ago

Run Sylvan Advocate and Unbridled Growth (to help with revolt)

AgentGreen on Aether Revolt Pre-Release MVC (Most ...

4 days ago

In all the events that you attended this weekend; what was the one card that was critical in getting you the win or the top 8 finish; rarity doesn't matter in this case.

For me, it was Unbridled Growth. The mana fixing for my 3 color deck was so critical; especially on T1, and when I lost it before I got my 3rd color down; I was in a world of hurt.

AgentGreen on Aether Revolt Spoilers!

4 days ago

My first pre-release was garbage. Going 0-3-1 before I dropped out. Man I was pissed.

2nd prerelease went MUCH MUCH better; with a top 8 finish. Went with a deck. I was worried because running 3 colors is tricky work; but my pool had 3x Unbridled Growth so I threw two in, and let me tell you, it made a world of difference. For me, my MVC had to be the Growth, I would have lost if I didn't have that in my deck

KablamoBoom on Aid from the Cowl

5 days ago

Implement of Ferocity, Unbridled Growth. Green cantrips that trigger Aid from the Cowl, they're like deck thinning that does stupid shit with Revolt. Implement of Ferocity also works well with Inspiring Statuary. Admittedly, more not-titans to reveal, but still fun.

Aric_Haldan on Abzan Revolution

5 days ago

I think Vengeful Rebel is one of the best cards with revolt trigger and i think Aethergeode Miner is one of the best cards to actually trigger those revolt abilities. perhaps you've considered them but i wanted to bring them to your attention :p. I also really like Eldrazi Displacer in a revolt deck because it can make them go off again and again, but admittedly it is somewhat slow and mana-intensive. Another great revolt-enabler is Unbridled Growth as it fixes your mana, replaces itself and triggers revolt without expending mana.

Aric_Haldan on Turn 2 win in standard!

1 week ago

Alright I did not see the "activate courier" bit, it's somewhat easy to miss because of the lack of punctuation, but that's alright. however there are still some miscalculations.

ok let's go with the scenario where you sac bomat, that means you have four ornithopters to tap for mana before casting Dramatic reversal, then you have two mana open and you can sac bomat paying for it's cost by tapping himself. At this point you have 6 mana, just enough to cast Paradox Engine and one of your cantrips (Expedite, Unbridled Growth or Slip Through Space). after that you have four mana in untapped thopters (no bomat courier),and after playing one more you have 7, then 10, then 13, then 16, then 19 and finally 21, and if you draw a fall of the titans at that moment you can deal 20 damage by casting with surge for x=20. that means however you do not need just 4 cantrips, but rather 7 of them in a row. it is technically still possible to win on turn 2, but well it was a long-shot before... now it's practically impossible.

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