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When Hel freezes over (Midnight hunt update)

Commander / EDH Snow Spellslinger Tokens UB (Dimir) Wizards Zombie



First #1 tapped out deck that I have had for a day, thanks to those who upvoted.

Deck name is a reference to norse mythology and of course the fact that snow permanents are a focus of deck.

This is a zombies/snow EDH that focuses on creating tokens of zombies via instants+ sorceries, this is done so cards such as Empty the Pits can delve or Rise from the Tides can create a lot of zombies; I wanted a different angle than the usual best value zombie creature cards with grave recursion. Originally the deck was on a budget, but I have since added a few more staples to make the deck a little more competitive/ able to deal with faster deck. The deck has won more games than it has lost so far, however budget has been increased with control cards such as Cyclonic Rift and Damnation to help prevent a number of decks getting too far ahead if they started off with a sol ring and similar scenarios. See update section below to see what has been added.

Narfi, betrayer king is a fun little commander who is tough to remove and can make those tokens lethal. He would have made a interesting Voltron commander perhaps, but I do feel that making zombie tokens is more fun (Heirloom Blade added as it is cheap and knocks Narfi to 7 damage so 3 turns till commander damage) and the 1+1+ boost makes him compete with other zombie commanders while the board can swing wide. If I have a creature card at all, it is a zombie lord who buffs the entire board. Wand of Orcus is replacing Dread Summons as it can be cast earlier and will likely be more consistent (death touch is a very powerful bonus.)

Snow lands and spells have been used, again because I wanted to make use of Narfi's bottom ability and it is simply fun. Dead of winter and blood on the snow are going to put out a lot of work. Avalanche caller as my 1 snow creature card can add 7 power on board with a single 2 mana sink and land creature used (provided Narfi is on field).

The budget on this deck has been increased to provide it some strictly better staple cards to help it keep up with more refined/ pushed decks. These cards include 1. Dark Ritual to provide a more explosive early game while still adding more instants and sorcery cards into the bin. Still useful later in the game for my X or xx spells. 2.Liliana, Dreadhorde General which is great for still generating zombies and provides an alternative way to draw cards. The removal aspect could be of use and if the ultimate does go off it would be devastating for the opponent (but not required) -Kindred Discovery is to provide more explosive draw. Slightly concerned about milling myself out with it as I intend to go wide with my zombie horde, but if all goes well I will be able to finish the game quicker. Reliquary Tower not added as I prefer to discard into my bin for my finishing cards (Empty the Pits / Rise from the Tides / Army of the Damned.) -Ghoulcaller Gisa added for a more consistent way to fill my board with zombies. For 4 mana, I can sac Narfi and bring him straight back and get at least 4 zombie tokens (potentially more with all the buffs for zombies in deck.) Cyclonic Rift To deal with all my problems and leave my opponents open for a heavy hit. Nuff said. Master of Death added as the surveil can help filter through things I do not need while setting my finishers up (Empty the Pits / Rise from the Tides / Army of the Damned.). Also helps that if he himself dies or is binned I can bring him back to hand. Damnation To control the board. Situational when it would be used, early game is an option if I have focused on setting engines up for mid-late game. Shadowspear to gain trample and life link to assist Narfi with commander damage while staying alive, it has proven to be epic when combined with Runechanter's Pike. The ability to remove opponents hexproof and indestructible is a massive boon.


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