“I desire the acquisition of a potassium-rich fruit comestible of substantial magnitude.”

I pulled Kibo, Uktabi Prince. So: Give a green player a commander for a weird dual-tribe that's a meme in itself and hands out bananas to the table and see the madness unfold. Muhahahaha!!!
Kibo starts the game with, who would've guessed, ramp, and maybe an early primate or two. He'll enter the board turn three the latest to start producing bananas asap. As Kibo himself is a mana dork, we'll enter double-spell territory rather sooner than later. The downside is that our little prince likes to spread the word of the holy banana around the table, so he'll also hand out bananas left and right and in the middle. What we get from that is our primates will grow, which is an okay payoff for helping everybody to further their gameplan. At least that's what Kibo tolsmd me.
Fangren Marauder and Viridian Revel are additional payoffs for the banana tokens, gaining us a ton of life and drawing cards. Manglehorn, while being pretty great removal, even helps us by having opposing bananas enter tapped. Sardian Avenger can hit for a lot of damage, but the main reason to include it obviously is his trigger on bananas being eaten. Seedborn Muse is a powerful card, and it even lets us make more bananas. Seems good. Teething Wurmlet gains us 4 life off of each Kibo activation and can even become pretty big pretty fast.

We'll easily trigger Aid from the Cowl every turn by simply eating a banana, so we'll get tons of permanents off of it. That card is powerful here. Finally a deck that can use it.

Most of our primates do at least one of two things: They are beefy attackers or destroy artifacts. Kogla, the Titan Ape even does both, and he helps us make more bananas with Kibo and a little help from Hyrax Tower Scout.

Gorilla Shaman can blow up banana tokens for , and every other artifact for a little more. Silverback Elder is one hell of an ape, either gaining life, ramping like crazy or breaking artifacts.

Liquimetal Coating and Liquimetal Torque turn anything into an artifact, which then makes it pretty easy for us to blow it up, while also letting our primates grow. Visions of Ruin is a powerful spell here. The worst possible outcome is that each of our opponents only has one banana and chooses to eat that in response to Visions. This way, wo won't get any additional treasures, but we'll still get a permanent +3/+3 on each and every primate. That's powerful for our mana.

This description is still in the making, but I really appreciate every bit of feedback you have for me. In the meantime: Enjoy your bananas!



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