Imaginary Pet

Imaginary Pet

Creature — Illusion

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have a card in hand, return Imaginary Pet to its owner's hand.

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Legacy Legal

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Imaginary Pet Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on They aren´t real

2 years ago

I'll have to leave another comment: I'm pretty sure Imaginary Pet 's flavour text is just slightly less hilarious than Raging Goblin and propably better than Werebear 's.

By the way: Toothy, Imaginary Friend might be good here if you don't intend to visit tournaments.

passascats on

2 years ago

Yeah, this looks like a lot of decks I've put together with just cards on hand, could be fun to play but the deck seems to lack a defining purpose.
Jori is hard to focus on because the ability itself is just card advantage. I personally would figure out what I want to do to win, like do I draw my deck and play Laboratory Maniac, and then find ways to make Jori do that for me.
Two strategies I think might work well are Wheel and secret Voltron. With Wheel, you could be drawing your deck and disrupting others waiting to wear them down to nothing. If that strategy puts to big of a target on your head, you could try pumping Jori up to 21 and unblockable all in one turn, but this strategy tends to only work once.
Aside from finding a purpose for the deck, some general suggestions on the build would be to lower the curve so you can more constantly cast two spells each turn. Also repeatable spell casting is a huge plus for you, so I would consider bounce effects for low cost Artifacts and Creatures like Imaginary Pet, Rebound effects like Distortion Strike, and maybe even the recurring suspend cards like Arc Blade and Reality Strobe. Another great way to find repeatable value might be in flicker effects on something like Nucklavee or Izzet Chronarch. You could flicker them with Essence Flux, and then get the Essence Flux back when he enters the battlefield again, and with Nucklavee maybe even get a red sorcery you have in the graveyard. One other great card with this commander might be Voidmage Husher, you can shut down a troublesome abilities, like an Attrition targeting Jori, and get her back later for more value.
Well, I hope some of this was helpful. Good Luck and happy brewing!!

Nephilim on Temur Beatdown

4 years ago

I'd probably drop Spellbreaker Behemoth because you only have 5 total creatures (3 being the Behemoth itself) that have power 5 or greater. Sagu Mauler is a real power house in this type deck. Or you could swap the Imaginary Pet for Sagu Mauler

PixelAlex on Your Nightmare will not end until I say so

4 years ago

@whatskraken Imaginary Pet doesn't really fit in this deck since, yes i will sometimes have no cards in my hand, but idealy i will have something like Commandeer so it would put me at an disadvantage. thx for the comment though

Epochalyptik on Can Bottled Cloister prevent Imaginary …

5 years ago

Let's assume you begin your turn with an empty hand.

Imaginary Pet's ability has what's called an intervening "if" clause. This means that the ability won't even trigger unless the if condition is true at the trigger event. Additionally, the ability won't do anything on resolution unless the if condition is true at that time as well.

If you have no cards in hand as you begin your upkeep, Imaginary Pet's ability won't trigger. You'll just get the Bottled Cloister ability and your creature will stay on the field.

UniqueUserID on Can Bottled Cloister prevent Imaginary …

5 years ago

As titled. Saw the combo mentioned on gather, does it work like this?

Imaginary Pet and Bottled Cloister are on my field. Since both triggers happen at the same time I can choose which will activate first. Picking Imaginary Pet first means she cannot see the hand and remains on the field?

kengiczar on WUR Twins!

5 years ago

You need more sources in the main. I was able to play around Path to Exile with ease using a slower Temur Ascendancy deck with the following:

Typically what would happen is you would need to Path to Exile and then I could Remand it without fear because you only had 1x and no counters in hand. This happened in 2 out of 3 play-tests and in the third I finally gave up and mulliganed once getting lucky with two , one , and 2 sources.

Since you're playing Tri-Color ditch either a Steam Vents, Ghost Quarter or Desolate Lighthouse for Sacred Foundry or Hallowed Fountain.

My choice would be to leave the Steam Vents and ditch either a Ghost Quarter or Desolate Lighthouse for Sacred Foundry.