Creature — Human Bear Druid

Tap: Add (Green) to your mana pool.

Threshold - Werebear gets +3/+3 as long as seven or more cards are in your graveyard.

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Werebear Discussion

jamochawoke on

5 months ago

I love this Ape tribal deck!

My only criticism is that you don't have enough human fodder for Kogla, the Titan Ape since he's one of your main forms of removal in your deck. You've only got Eternal Witness.

I was thinking maybe you could replace your Llanowar Tribe with Karametra's Acolyte or Citanul Hierophants ? Not only do they offer the potential for much more green mana per tap than the Tribe, they also are humans for Kogla to toss back.

Elfhame Druid could be replaced with Somberwald Sage which would actually net you 1 more mana for casting Kogla and 2 more mana all the time for other creatures.

You could also replace Sakura-Tribe Elder with Diligent Farmhand . While not as good as a one-off as the Elder it does fill the same chump block and sac for a land niche, it counts as an extra pump for the jank pump spell Muscle Burst which is mega flavor, and is a human for Kogla to toss. There's also Krosan Wayfarer which has the downside of only getting a land from hand rather than tutor or Primal Druid which has to die from the combat but at least lets you tutor.

I know you are probably using Llanowar Elves for an early play and ramp, but if you didn't need that extra (G) per tap you could replace it with Drumhunter which gives you needed card draw, a colorless mana per tap, and is a human for Kogla to toss. Some less good options but still ok since they're lower CMC than Drumhunter is Werebear , Honored Hierarch , Harvester Druid , Sylvok Explorer , or Humble Naturalist .

If you need a ramp creature to combo off with look no further than Hope Tender , Juniper Order Druid , Ley Druid , or Krosan Restorer to untap a land that produces big mana or Hidden Herbalists which would actually combo off of Kogla's tossback if you have something that could benefit from ETB's.

There's also Setessan Petitioner which would allow you repeated lifegain on ETB if you needed it.

kpres on Card creation challenge

7 months ago

Dire Were-Rat

Creature - Rat

When Dire Were-Rat enters the battlefield, each player discards a card.

Doomshift - : If you have four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, this creature becomes Monstrous.

As long as Dire Were-Rat is monstrous, it gets +4/+3, it has deathtouch, and it attacks each turn if able.


There, it's a new werewolf transformation mechanic. I didn't want to make it a werewolf because there's already an established night/day dual faced card thing going on for them, but I sort of followed in the footsteps of Werebear and the Delirium mechanic from the last Innistrad set. This card would appear in a future Innistrad set where there's still a bit of Emrakul's influence going on. The mechanic also pulls on Monstrosity, and allows for other cards to be made that could interact with a card that's Monstrous.

Create an instant or sorcery that buffs a creature, but buffs it more if it's Monstrous.

Strangelove on The Pack Summons the Alpha

1 year ago

Yo I really like that Ooze Garden tech! +1!

Yours is a better version of the Grothama, All-Devouring gimmick deck I built that does the similar things.

Thoughts on Outland Colossus, Wolfir Silverheart, Fungal Sprouting, Miming Slime, Traverse the Outlands, Cream of the Crop... maybe Ravenous Slime for graveyards?

Also random stuff like Werebear?

I like that Phytotitan might be pretty good here.

And Birthing Pod might be pretty strong with other costs less cards like Ancient Stone Idol, Primeval Protector, etc.

Epicurus on Legenbearies - Ayula's Hibernation Engine

1 year ago

You could kick out one Vivien's Grizzly and one Flaxen Intruder to fit in two Werebear.

Epicurus on Legenbearies - Ayula's Hibernation Engine

1 year ago

Love a good themed deck for an unheralded tribe!

My favorite bear (or, at least the one I've used the most) is Werebear. He's a mana dork, and eventually gets big-ish, for low CMC.

Zarathoustra on Bear Tribal Deck

2 years ago

If you play Bearscape , forget about Werebear of course.

Zarathoustra on Bear Tribal Deck

2 years ago

I was thinking about Werebear for extra mana, and maybe Bearscape for tokens and even more bears. Ulvenwald Bear ? Anyway I love the concept, tribal decks are fun to play even if bears are not so powerful.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on They arenĀ“t real

2 years ago

I'll have to leave another comment: I'm pretty sure Imaginary Pet 's flavour text is just slightly less hilarious than Raging Goblin and propably better than Werebear 's.

By the way: Toothy, Imaginary Friend might be good here if you don't intend to visit tournaments.

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