Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears

Creature — Bear

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
Custom Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Casual Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Legacy Legal

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Grizzly Bears Discussion

kpres on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

Naturalized Bears

Creature - Bear

When Naturalized Bears enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice it. If you do, destroy target artifact or enchantment.


It's Naturalize at sorcery speed, or Grizzly Bears - your choice. This would be a common, and might be more popular than Reclamation Sage for Muldrotha, the Gravetide decks or other green decks that need creatures to do the work of removal spells. Previously to the sage, Acidic Slime was the go-to creature for doing these effects, but it was expensive to cast and clunky. That being said, slime is still a great card and can often be a two for one with its deathtouch.

Create a niche, common card that innovates on an effect that is badly needed. For example, land ramp in red or blue.

Neotrup on Deceiver of Form and Mutating …

4 months ago

Let's say you have a Grizzly Bears that's a copy of Golden Bear and you mutate Gemrazer under it, leaving Grizzly Bears on top. You'll have a 4/3 with Reach and Trample (and the trigger), and if you then play Clone copying it you'll have another 4/3 with those abilities. Both will be named Golden Bear. This is because the copy and mutate effects are both applied in layer 1 in timestamp order, and set the copyable characteristics. After the turn ends, you'll have a 2/2 Grizzly Bears and a 4/3 Golden Bear, both of which have Trample, Reach, and the triggered ability (and mutate, if that comes up, but that only really matters on the stack). This is because the first effect on Grizzly Bears wore off, but the second still applied, and the Clone only cares about what the copyable characteristics were at the time when it copied.

If instead you mutate Gemrazer on top, you'll have two Gemrazers after the turn ends, and considering they'd both be 4/4s, that would probably be the better play.

Neotrup on can ashiok's erasure target permanants

5 months ago

To be clear, Ashiok's Erasure can target permanent spells, that is, when an opponent casts Grizzly Bears you can immediately respond with Ashiok's Erasure, but you wouldn't be able to do it later, much like when you're allowed to cast Essence Scatter.

Tylord2894 on Myriad and Added Creature Abilities

5 months ago

Unlife is mostly correct here, but there are some very important things that aren't quite correct.

First, to address the question at hand, any copy or Clone of a permanent will not have the abilities granted to that permanent by the majority of effects. Such effects include that of Equipment like Grafted Exoskeleton, Auras like Phyresis, and effects grant by static abilities like that of Triumph of the Hordes (keeping with the Infect theme, though there are plenty of other examples).

Now, this does not mean that copies/ clones ONLY copy what's printed on a card. Rather, they copy a permanent's copiable values. The copiable values of an object are determined in layer 1. Most of the time, this is what's "printed on the card", but there are several common effects that change an object's copiable values. Among the most common are Mutate, Clone effects, and (technically) Transform/Morph/Manifest type effects.

As a quick example, let's say my Clone copies my Bear Cub while I also control a Grizzly Bears. I then make tokens of this "Clone" with Blade of Selves. I can not have these token enter as copies of Grizzly Bears even though Clone says so. Rather, after I cloned the Cub, its copiable values became those of Bear Cub.

I know this is a lot, but I hope this helps!!

jethstriker on Abzan

6 months ago

Hatebears are nickname for creatures that have certain disruptive abilities while maintaining a reasonable mana cost. It got it's name from Grizzly Bears - the "bear" side, while the "hate" from its disruptive ability.

Death and Taxes is a deck arch type. It started as a legacy mono-white aggro-control deck that uses Aether Vial's "free mana" to drop Hatebears while using its own mana base (Wasteland , Rishadan Port) to disrupt oppossing mana base.

FSims81 on Pattern Recognition #158 - Colour …

6 months ago

Just for the sake of my own confusion - what makes Balduvian Barbarians to Python an example of a colour shifted creature but not something like the other example of Falkenrath Reaver to Grizzly Bears

Icbrgr on Kiora - Killer of Krakens?

1 year ago


I always thought non-ledendary things kinda fell into that category in the sense that Grizzly Bears were Grizzly Bears ... same species and given the same power toughness and mana cost because Magic as a Trading Card game isnt gonna be as crazy with individual states/values like Pokemon video games... so its generic for the sake of simplicity... and yet you were summoning an actual bear from another plane pseudo explaining why you can typically only have 4x of said bears in your deck to represent a sort of limited quantity/population and its transportation was the reasoning behind its "Summoning sickness."

but at the same time having Venser, Shaper Savant and Venser, the Sojourner on the battlefield at the same time could sorta make sense if the argument could be made that you were summoning "the actual thing" but from different timelines/different points in time/reality.... pre-spark ignition vs post spark ignition and things like that; which explains how "Gideon Tribal" could work.... because even though both Venser and Gideon are now cannonly dead... we can still summon a past versions of them.

This is why I had trouble with the changes made to the Legendary Rule allowing for me to have a Jace, the Mind Sculptor on the battlefield and then to allow for my opponent to cast his own Jace, the Mind Sculptor to the battlefield without causing mine to "blow up" .... otherwise... why cant we all have ten copies of JTMS on the battlefield?

Mother of god I am proofreading this and seeing my glaring dorkness.... I apologize.... to everyone...

Lame_Duck on Why Are Some Players so …

1 year ago

For a less useless answer: some people just prefer when the game doesn't take itself too seriously. Yes, it's goofy that a Squirrel can fight Savannah Lions to the death but it's just as goofy that a Jackal Pup can do the same to Grizzly Bears . You're never going to be able to resolve the conflict between the gameplay abstraction and the flavour in a 100% consistent way and some players enjoy it more when WotC embrace the absurdity a bit.

See also: the appeal of the Un- sets.

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