I got the idea for this deck from Mitch on the Commander's Quarters. It is a semi budget Atla Palani, Nest Tender combo deck with a very simple, linear gameplan. I don't believe that this list is cEDH viable as the combo is very vulnerable, but it is fast and consistently combos off by turn 6. Perhaps a more staxxed build could make it competitive.

The Gameplan

Let's start with what the deck actually does. Using Atla Palani, Purphoros, Mirror Entity, and some special creature, we generate enough ETB trigers for Purphoros to kill everyone. There are 2 real options to play the combo but they both start with having Atla Palani, Nest Tender and Mirror Entity on the field. Put a +1/+1 counter on Atla.
This is a more aggressive option but more vulnerable to disruption. This option kills your Mirror Entity , so if someone messes with your commander or otherwise disrupts the plan, you don't get another shot. With the counter on Atla Palani, make sure she is untapped and you have 2 mana available. Activate the Mirror Entity 's ability for 0 a few hundred thousand times, leaving them all on the stack. Once the first one resolves, Mirror Entity becomes a 0/0 Egg and dies, while Atla Palani, Nest Tender survives and triggers thanks to the +1/+1 counter. With your shiny new creature on the battlefield, you allow the next activation of Mirror Entity to resolve, turning your creature into a 0/0 Egg to trigger your commander again. Repeat this process until you run into Purphoros, God of the Forge . The wording of his ability means that in all zone except the battlefield he is always a creature, so he can be played through the Atla trigger, and since this deck has no way to get your devotion high enough to make him a creature on the battlefield, he stays safe from becoming a 0/0. Because he is no longer a creature, you can't keep going, so you have to use the 2 mana from earlier to generate an egg with your commander so that you have something to kill with your next Entity activation. There are three creature in the deck that shuffle back to the library upon death: Serra Avatar , Purity , and Worldspine Wurm . These three will cycle through your library to enter the battlefield as many times as you have remaining Mirror Entity activations on the stack. Every time one of them enters, Purphoros trigger to shock your opponents' life totals to 0.
This option is more defensive as it keeps your Mirror Entity alive, but it can be slower. You proceed down this route by placing a +1/+1 counter on the Entity as well as your commander. Because the Entity activation will no longer kill the Mirror Entity , you will need another creature to kill and due to the extremely low number of creatures in the deck, you will most likely need to create an egg with Atla Palani. Proceed to activate the snot out of Mirror Entity and proceed as usual. Things get different one you hit Purphoros though, because you can't activate Atla to create a fresh egg again. If you are lucky, you will find Worldspine Wurm before Purphoros. When the Wurm dies it creates 3 more wurms, which will all die and each trigger your commander on the next Mirror Entity activation. Between those 4 total Atla triggers it is almost guaranteed that you will have found Purphoros and another creature to keep the chain going. If you aren't so lucky, you are a sitting duck for a turn. You have to wait until your next turn to get another creature to combo off of, so you will be public enemy number 1. Use the stax, removal, and counters to try and hang on another turn. If you die,, I guess. If you make it, you can create an egg and go off the same way as Option 1.
This list is fairly simple in terms of its card categories. You have the combo, ramp, ways to generate +1/+1 counters, tutors, and protection. The deck needs to be fairly speedy, so plenty of mana ramp is essential. You need to get a counter on your commander or the deck is useless, so a large number of cards are dedicated to that as well. The deck is useless without Mirror Entity , an ability is entirely unique, so tutors are essential. Unfortunately, without Black or Blue, the options to tutor up a nongreen creature are limited, but they do the trick. Thanks to the fact that Mirror Entity is every creature type, we can even use a tribal tutor like Sarkhan's Triumph . Lastly is protection. I included a lot of removal and some stax as defensive options in case you hit a slow start or things go south and you have to try and survive a turn cycle. Counterspells would certainly be more effective than the removal in most situations, but due to the colors, we are really limited to Mana Tithe and Pyroblast .


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