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As our playgroup grows we find ourselves often times playing commander with 5 players. Because no one really likes a three- or four hour game we came up with several variants on the commander format. One of our most played formats is called The Lone Wolf.

The Lone Wolf

For those who don't know this 5 player variant: Before you start the game you shuffle five cards from a deck outside the game. Two of them are basic lands in different colours, two of them are cards in a matching colour with one of the Basic Land and the fifth card is colourless, say an Artifact. Each player takes one of the cards face down and only the two players with the basic lands reveal the card they've taken. Those players are in opposite teams. The other 3 players each have a face down card and they're not allowed to show their card. Both players with the coloured card each belong to the player with the matching Basic Land at the table and the player with the face down Artifact is The Lone Wolf. The coloured teams try to beat each other while The Lone Wolf must try to win all by themself.

This variant speeds up the game by a whole bit and it brings a lot of fun interactions and politics to the table

Gluntch, The Bestower

The Lone Wolf variant is fun with every deck, but I decided to build a deck specifically. I have yet to try to the deck at the table as I'm still gathering the last pieces of the deck together. I might give away pretty soon in which team I am in, but with so much benefit I think we should be able to take the win.

I've decided to stay true to Gluntch's Selesnya colours and go for a creature token theme and a +1/+1 counters theme. If my big beaters can't bring my team a win I hope to get there with Approach of the Second Sun or Halo Fountain

To the TappedOut'ers

Do you like The Lone Wolf format? Do you have any other five players variants in your playgroup? Are there any Gluntch players out here? How do you win with your deck? Any tips or suggestions for good cards in the deck? I'd be happy to hear from you!


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