This deck has five main goals:

  • 1) Never miss a land drop
  • 2) Get Omnath, Locus of Rage out ASAP, and protect them
  • 3) Swing almost every turn
  • 4) Sacrifice elementals for extra burn damage
  • 5) Kill them all with fire

Goal 1 is pretty easy. There's a decent amount of ramp in here, and for an added extra surprise, there's Ashaya, Soul of the Wild for bonus land drops with all our creatures. Late game, we can pop lands back to our hand with things like Living Twister so we can still get that landfall trigger.

Goal 2 isn't hard once we've accomplished goal 1. And with help from cheeky little things like Vessel of Volatility, we can get our commander out decently early. But because our commander is expensive and is a linchpin for all our other goals, we'll need to protect them. Things like Swiftfoot Boots are a given, but sneaky things like Ranger's Guile, Canopy Cover, and Mending Touch can be good too!

Goal 3 is not only implied by the nature of Gruul, but also strongly encouraged by the fact that we generate a lot of hasty elementals that die at the end step! Almost every other creature in here is also an elemental, so we'll swing away even into walls so we can burn them with bonus Omnath damage.

Goal 4 is the fun part! If our opponents try to save themselves from exploding elementals by letting them hit face, we'll just sac them with other outlets like Dragon Broodmother, Skullmulcher, or Mask of Immolation. Many of our elementals also know how to sac themselves!

Goal 5 is the best part. While our elementals are dynamiting walls, we can throw fire directly at our opponents faces or creatures with burn damage. Fiery Conclusion is great in this deck, and things like Where Ancients Tread and Furnace Celebration give us bonus damage for things we're already doing.

Fun Combos:

  1. Use Flamekin Harbinger to tutor for Thunderkin Awakener, then kill Flamekin only to replay it using Thunderkin. Next tutor for something like Spitebellows. Evoke Spitebellows so you can burn for 6 + 3(Omnath damage), then bring it back next turn with Thunderkin. Repeat as often as you can! If you have Where Ancients Tread and Furnace Celebration out, you can deal 16 burn damage a turn with this combo!

  2. (more to come as I playtest with new additions)

I put the first version of this deck together with cards I had just lying around. I wanted an elemental tribal deck, and there were some pretty great cards that didn't really fit into anything else. When I tested it at my playgroup, people were very scared, and though I didn't win, I had a bunch of fun with it. So over time I've been beefing it up and adding bits and pieces that I discover to make these elementals little fun bombs.

This is probably my most "techy" aggro deck in that there's more interaction than I usually have. I'm a simple player where turning sideways fast is almost always my only goal. But having little combo pieces that explode off each other just by dropping a land is really fun! And when things die there are a lot of bomb triggers, and deciding where to plant them is fun too.

Word of warning: Omnath, Locus of Rage is a BIG target, especially if your playgroup knows how integral they are to the deck. It's really nice when people forget that before they board wipe...

Let me know if you playtest this and have any suggestions! It would be great to get opinions on better elementals, how I can get more tokens that sac themselves, or other sac outlets. Bonus points if they are rage or fire themed haha.



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