+1/+1 counters, ability counters, charge counters, time counters... we know all the usual counters you see and expect to see. But there are cards all throughout the game's history featuring counters that are a little more... unique! Newcomer Bribe Taker will help himself to whatever counters are floating around on your side of your board, but mostly it will be +1/+1 counters and ability counters you're after.

Who cares about what's practical, though? As a player of Magic cards, we can all sympathize with the insatiable hunger of the collector. Our rascally rhino will take any kind of counter, useful or not, and if you have any hair on your peaches, you won't trade any of them out for boring ol' +1/+1 counters. There are far more options than could ever fit in a single deck, but even in this pile of sixty, we have some good options.

It's not at all likely, but it is possible for a single Bribe Taker to end up with a slumber, flood, component, corpse, judgment  , omen  , storage, luck, mining, task, pressure, hoofprint, javelin, credit, harmony, suspect, ghostform, loyalty, quest, petal, hatchling  , eon, soul, page, hour, lore, foreshadow, carrion, devotion, brick, dream, night, training, verse, slime, point, currency, spore, depletion, charge, invitation   and wish counter. Good luck even seeing the card under that pile!


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